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7 Ways to Create Engaging Videos with ManyCam

Mayra Gomes
Nov 07, 2018
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In today’s world, we are all content creators, whether you own a business, work for one or have a personal brand. When it comes to content in video format, live video, in particular, the key to success is getting your audience engaged. In this blog post, you can find 7 ways you can create engaging videos with ManyCam and grow your audience.

Summary: 7 ways to create engaging videos with ManyCam

  1. Live streaming videos
  2. Professional webinars, live
  3. Online education – Live classes
  4. Recording classes, conferences & live videos
  5. Online training & tutorials
  6. Video conferences & business presentations
  7. Game streaming & recording (for Windows)

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Create Engaging Videos with ManyCam

Live Streaming Videos

In a split second your live video needs to capture your audience’s attention before they scroll down to the next thing. Harder than grabbing their attention is maintaining it. That’s where ManyCam comes in.

With ManyCam, you can produce engaging and creative live streaming videos. It allows you to switch between camera angles and other video sources while adding graphics overlays, images, texts and effects. Plus, ManyCam gives content creators all the tools needed to tweak the video and audio settings, for the best possible video quality.

Professional Webinars, Live

Webinars have been around for a while, and they still are one of the most effective ways of generating leads for your business. Imagine delivering a professional webinar, great video, and audio quality, with a picture-in-picture view of your webcam while you broadcast your slide deck presentation or your screen. Your audience would love it, right?

With ManyCam, you can broadcast to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or any other live streaming platform and transition between your video sources with the click of a button. If your webinar is on another platform, like Google Hangouts, you can select ManyCam in the video settings as your “webcam” and audio, too.

Online Education – Live Classes

Having the right tools to help students learn the most essential in online teaching. Whether you’re teaching adults or children, the classes need to be dynamic and interactive. Otherwise, the students will lose interest. In other words, interaction is critical in online education.

ManyCam helps teachers around the world drive their students’ focus and increase interaction. Online teachers can use pre-recorded videos, images, presentations, and digital props during their classes, as well as tools like the Picture-in-Picture, Draw & Text, Clock and Chroma Key.

Recording Classes, Conferences & Live Videos

Have you ever wanted to send out a replay of a class and keep track of your classes? Or create more content with the same live video? Maybe the conference went so well that you wish others could watch it. Well, guess what? Simply by clicking the record button on ManyCam, you’ll be able to save your live video to your computer.

Later on, you can repurpose your live video. For example, send your followers the entire video as a replay. Another idea is to break it down in smaller videos and share them on social. If you want even more content, you can extract the audio and transform it into a podcast. Transcribe it, and you have a blog post. You get the idea.

Online Training & Tutorials

To create effective online training and tutorials, you need tools to record your screen, add picture-in-picture windows and other sources. You might even want to add some music in the background to keep it light and fun. ManyCam can help you with all that and more.

Video Conferences & Business Presentations

Another way you can use ManyCam is with presentations. Whether it’s a live presentation or an online one, ManyCam can give you tools to maximize engagement and drive your audience’s focus. It’s a great asset to have during video conferences, it will boost productivity and participants will be focused.

Instead of minimizing your slide deck presentation and opening YouTube to show your audience a video, you can select both as sources in ManyCam, and transition smoothly between them. You can also add other sources to your presentation, place texts, draw on your screen and use digital objects.

Game Streaming & Recording (only for Windows)

With ManyCam’s game capture source, gamers can stream their gameplay live to Twitch, YouTube or any other platform with a stream key, through the RTMP connection. Gamers can add a picture-in-picture window, remove their background with the Chroma Key feature, add texts, effects and much more.

Key Takeaway

Regardless of the video you are creating, ManyCam can help you maximize your audience’s engagement and take your video to the next level.

Download the free version today and create engaging videos with ManyCam.

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