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8 Video Conferencing Tips For Your Success

Mayra Gomes
Aug 21, 2019
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Successful video conferences rely on many components. These video conferencing tips can help you get there.

Video conferences can be a highly effective way to save money and time while conducting essential business meetings. Whether you are part of a company or a solopreneur, these video conferencing tips will help you achieve superior results. 

Technical aspects of video conferences, such as the internet connection and conferencing app,  are just part of the equation for success. But, they tend to be everyone’s primary focus. Successful video conferences depend on video production techniques, content delivery, and constant improvement.

In this blog post, we share with you practical video conferencing tips that will contribute to successful online meetings. 

Video production techniques and tips – Video conferencing tips

Repurpose Live Videos

A video conference, though it might not be considered content creation, has many of the same elements of most video productions — cameras, microphones, software applications and so on. 

Also, the primary goal of many videos is to communicate effectively, which is exactly what video conferences should do. Therefore, applying video production techniques to your online meetings can contribute to your success. 

Camera angle

When it comes to video conferencing tips, this is as simple as it gets. Different camera angles send out different messages. In movies, when they want the audience to feel the power of an evil character, they put the camera below as if they are looking down on the viewers.

The opposite works too. If they want the character to feel small and inferior, the camera comes from above. The camera angle during a video call can send out similar messages in a less dramatic way.

Another reason to consider the camera angle on your video conference is purely aesthetic. We all want to look better on video calls and placing your webcam in the right position can help. Plus, it will give you an extra confidence boost.

Since many people go on video conferences on their laptops, the camera ends up positioned way too low. If you do video conferences on handheld mobile devices, you could also hold it too low, as well as, move the camera too much. 

The ideal setup is to have an external webcam positioned right in front of you, leveled with your eyes, or slightly above it. If you can’t change the camera’s placement, you can adjust your position in relation to it. 

If you are in a group, the camera should be positioned in such a way that everyone is in the frame. 

Sit-up straight

Among video conferencing tips and filming techniques, this one goes hand-in-hand with the one above. If you want to come across as confident, sitting up straight is vital. When you sit-up straight and your eyes are leveled with the camera, it’s easier for the people on the other side of the screen to establish a connection with you and build trust. 

Moreover, good posture sends non-verbal messages of enthusiasm and energy, according to Ph.D. Carol Kinsey Goman on her Forbes article. Sitting up straight helps you to remember to look at the webcam lens instead of your screen.


Lighting is one of the most vital components of video production, regardless of the industry or purpose of the video. Good lighting has the power to add tons of production value, even if your equipment isn’t up to par. Bad lighting, on the other hand, can make the best gear seem average. 

You don’t need to buy expensive video production equipment to improve the lighting on your video calls. If you take into account the basics of video lighting you main goal is to minimize the shadows on your face. For a video call, sitting close to a window might be enough.

Background noise

When the director says ACTION and starts “rolling,” the set is dead silent. Since you can’t do that in a company, make sure you choose the right place for your video conference. Background noises can be very distracting, to you and the other participants. 

This is one of the video conferencing tips that most people take for granted, but it can be the difference between a successful video conference and a useless one. Sometimes, finding a quiet place can be near to impossible, but you should always look for the least amount of background noise possible.


Content Delivery – Video conferencing tips

professional video conferences

Another crucial part of successful video conferences is in the delivery of content. Whether you are conducting an online meeting, doing a business presentation or onboard training, getting the participants engaged in your content is key.

Get a sidekick

One of the biggest issues when it comes to video conferencing is the number of things you need to pay attention to, such as the quality of the call and technical aspects of the application. 

A great way to improve your performance during video conferences is to have someone else worry about that for you. When you have a tech-savvy person by your side to manage all the technical aspects of your video conference, delivering your content becomes much more manageable. 

Increase engagement  

Another tip to deliver content efficiently is to focus on increasing engagement. In other words, make your content as interesting as possible and encourage participation. It’s so easy for participants to lose focus, especially if the video call gets too dull.

Some resources can help you avoid that while driving your audience’s attention to what’s important. For instance, you could use picture-in-picture windows to share your screen, slide deck presentations, and recorded videos, while keeping your webcam on the corner. It helps create an engaging atmosphere instead of being a “talking head” throughout the conference. 

With ManyCam, you can have access to those tools mentioned above and many others, such as:

  • Replacing your background with the Chroma Key feature
  • Adding multiple video sources to your video call
  • Enhancing your webcam’s colors and settings

Constant improvement – Video conferencing tips

Successful Video Conferences

Just like any other business endeavor, it’s essential to improve your video conferences continually. Each time, they will become more productive and successful. Sometimes, the smallest tweak can have a massive impact.

Get feedback

One of the video conferencing tips that can serve us anywhere in life is this one, asking for feedback. When you reach out to other attendees and learn more about their experience during the video conference, it’s much easier to pinpoint what can be improved. 

Even though each person might have different preferences and opinions, attendees will raise common issues. You can consider the frequent points to improve your next online meeting.

Record it

While delivering video conferences, it’s hard to analyze how it’s going. The best way to evaluate your video conferences and improve upon them is to record it. When you watch the recording, you can assess your performance and all the components of the call. This will give you a much more accurate idea of what needs to be improved.

Key Takeaway

Video conferences can be highly effective if you take the time to do them right. These video conferencing tips are just a few of the many that can help you succeed. The most important thing is always to tweak and improve your approach.

If you focus on making them better each time, you’ll achieve the success you want. Check out some of our other posts below for more tips on video conferences and calls. 

If you had to apply just one of these video conferencing tips, which one would it be?

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