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4 Telehealth Tips for High-quality Live Videos

Mayra Gomes
Jan 02, 2020
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Follow these telehealth tips to ensure effective communication between you, your clients, and fellow healthcare professionals. 

What once was the future of healthcare is now the present. Telehealth is a reality for many healthcare professionals and clients. It allows professionals to provide healthcare services while cutting costs, and clients can get assistance faster, remotely. But, like any other technological advancement, for telehealth to work, medical professionals need to deliver high-quality live videos, whether in terms of one-on-one video calls, web conferences, or live streams. With these telehealth tips, it will be much easier for you to deliver in quality and content. 

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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth, also known as telemedicine or e-health, refers to the application of digital communication in healthcare. In other words, healthcare services provided remotely without the need for in-person interaction. 

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Why does telemedicine matter?

The ability to provide clients with high-quality healthcare while removing the commute and facility costs is a game-changer for doctors and clients alike. Doctors get to see more clients and spend less money on the facility. Clients don’t have to wait months for an appointment and worry about the commute. 

Medical procedures still require in-person appointments, but online assessments can save both parties time and money. Not to mention, online consultations can already narrow down possible diagnostics and guide clients through recovery.  

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Telehealth tips for live video

When you combine telehealth with the power of live video, your ability to provide high-quality healthcare services expands. Whether you make video calls with your clients or offer live streaming videos with guidance and tips, the quality needs to be there.

With the right tools, equipment, and techniques, it will be much easier to connect with your clients and communicate effectively. 

#1 Get the basic equipment for live video and upgrade as you go

Despite common belief, when it comes to live videos (video calls and live streams), you don’t need to make a huge investment right off the bat. In fact, you might not need to make a huge one ever. A basic video calling equipment can deliver high-quality videos and be the ideal setup for you. 

Telehealth tips - equipment
Building your live video setup

Your setup could look something like this:

  • HD webcam
  • External microphone (e.g., desktop or lapel)
  • Earphones
  • Computer
  • Internet connection

Live streaming and video calls can be very demanding on your computer so, before your live video session, make sure your computer is powerful enough to handle it.

#2 Test everything, tirelessly

In telehealth, it’s crucial to establish a connection with your clients and build trust. Constant technical problems during a broadcast or video call don’t send a trustworthy message. It’s a common mistake across industries related to live video not to test their setup enough. Even if you have state-of-the-art streaming gear, testing is vital. 

Before you go live, make sure everything is working and set yourself up for success. With ManyCam, you can press the record button and do a dry run of your live video session. Then, you can watch it and analyze what can be improved. This is also a helpful practice for healthcare professionals that need to overcome the fear of being on camera. 

#3 Rely on additional resources to increase focus and engagement

Among telehealth tips, this is a crucial one. The goal of any telehealth live video is optimal communication, which means your audience, clients, or fellow professionals, need to be engaged – talking to the camera won’t be enough. 

Telehealth tips - Additional resources

In telemedicine, your clients might need detailed explanations to understand specific terms or concepts or fellow healthcare professionals expect to see case studies and examples, and you need to deliver. With a live streaming software like ManyCam, you can add multiple video resources to your live streams and video calls, such as:

  • Images or pre-recorded videos
  • Share your screen, powerpoint presentations or apps
  • Youtube videos
  • Webcams from different angles

Once you have your resources set up, you can switch between them with the click of a button, delivering a much more dynamic and engaging live video.

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#4 Stay present, literally

It’s easy to get distracted during video calls and live streams. Not only should you avoid all distractions and focus on the video call, but you also need to make sure your audience does the same. One way of keeping your audience focused is to use a picture-in-picture window with your webcam view during the video while you show other resources. It allows people to stay connected with you. 

select sources - Facebook Live streaming tutorial 2

Another way to ensure your audience is present is through interaction. It’s paramount to interact with participants during live videos. Live video is all about real-time connection and interaction. Make sure your audience feels heard.

Key Takeaway

Once you apply these telehealth tips to your video calls and live streams, delivering high-quality content becomes much easier. Telemedicine is all about effective communication with your clients, fellow professionals, and your audience in general. If you want to deliver high-quality live videos every time you go live, follow these telehealth tips and explore ManyCam for Telehealth today. 

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