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How to Promote Live Streams with Email Marketing?

Guest Writer
Aug 27, 2020
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Do you know how to promote live streams with email marketing effectively? This overlooked strategy can be a game-changer!

Many companies have cottoned up to the fact that live streams are the way to go, especially during this period of social distancing. Corporations are using live streams for creating workshops, webinars, and interviews with experts to increase brand awareness and establish authority. But, you can only get its full value if you market your streaming event properly. Here, we are going to look at why and how to promote live streams with email marketing.

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Promote live streams with email marketing

Email as a Form of Direct Marketing

When you’re putting a video into the world, you have to make sure it gets seen by the most eyeballs possible. For many brands, that might mean using social media outlets to promote a live streaming event. But, unlike other forms of marketing, email feels more direct and authentic. 

For instance, you might want to use social media to post information about your upcoming live event. The problem here is, we scroll through dozens of social media posts every day. This means that there’s a high chance of your pre-event invite getting lost in the flood of countless other posts that people receive on social media.

Unlike other forms of marketing, such as using social media outlets that feel very impersonal, sending out an email that will reach your audience directly in their inbox seems more personal and authentic. 

Sending Out Uniform Emails

When it is time to promote your live streaming event, email marketing is a powerful tool. However, there are some challenges that you need to be aware of.

For instance, those who promote live streams with email marketing, or use it in general, have always struggled with email rendering. This means sending out an identical email could appear differently for two different users. This is mainly because of the way email clients handle emails, which is almost always different. 

Take, for example, Outlook and Gmail. While you might send the same email to all of your recipients, chances are, those reading your email on Gmail, will be looking at something different from those on Outlook. Different, as in, not the text of the email, but the graphics, images, and font styles that you use. This means those using email marketing need to know how providers are rendering their emails. This will enable you to send out uniform emails across the board. 

Use Engaging Images

That last tip was crucial because emails that include images or videos are considered to be more engaging than those that contain plain text. But, you don’t always have to use video links to promote live streams with email marketing. 

One of the best ways of mimicking the effects that videos have on recipients is by using the second-best thing – yes, we’re talking about using animated or static imagery or GIFs. In this way, you can easily leverage the body of text in your emails by creating visual content that will pique the interest of the recipient. 

Don’t Forget a Clickable Subject Line and Call-to-Action

One of the most important components, if not, the most important component of any email is its subject line. We all receive dozens of emails a day, so what will make your email stand out and be more “clickable.” That’s right, having a creative subject line will ensure that your emails are read. And a clickable call-to-action prompts your recipients to follow through.  

You can give your email an edge by starting strong with a solid subject line that does not focus on the solution, but the problem. This will intrigue the recipient to click on your email, while the clickable call to action, will take over from there and get them to where you want them to go. 

Personalize Your Emails

Anyone can send out blast emails to an existing email list. But, you can easily take it a step further by customizing each email to make it sound authentic and “crafted for the recipient.” Research shows that people can recognize when they’re reading a blast email written by a bot or a genuine email. 

If you want to promote live streams with email marketing effectively, consider personalizing your emails. It will give it that touch of authenticity that shows you care. In return, people will be more likely to care about your upcoming live event. 

Your email signature

Sometimes, sending only one email about your live stream might not catch your audience’s attention. Another way to promote live streams with email marketing is to remind them indirectly through your email signature. This way, whenever you reach out to them by email, it will be a gentle reminder that your live event is coming up. 

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Final thoughts

These were just some of the ways in which you can promote your upcoming live streams by using email marketing. While organic social media posts don’t allow you to control exactly who you reach, your email list is completely under your control. People that sign up already engage with your content and brand, and expect to hear from you. 

What do you struggle with most when promoting your live streams?

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