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What’s the Best Dress Code For Live Streaming?

Guest Writer
Aug 20, 2020
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Is there a dress code for live streaming? Your wardrobe might have a bigger impact than you think!

If you are thinking about streaming, you might be wondering about the dress code for live streaming. Appearance matters, whether you are going out for an interview, a night out with friends, or streaming from home. Here, we go through what to consider to look your best during your live stream. 

Dress code for live streaming – Do’s and Don’ts

Avoid Flashy Graphics

If you are creating a live stream on behalf of an organization or your personal brand, you will be tempted to have a flashy brand logo or graphics in the frame. This is not a good idea since your audience will find it hard to focus on your message because of the flashy graphics. 

That being said, if you wish to include a logo, then it’s best to go with one that’s small enough to be ubiquitous or go unnoticed during the live streaming session. The idea is not to have anything bright or flashy. It will take the audience’s attention away from you and your message during the live stream. 

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Contrast and Background

A great way to follow a dress code for live streaming to look your best is to be careful not to wear the same color as the background you will be using. Newbie live streamers often make the mistake of using a solid color background and then wearing the same color outfit. So, if you do not want to seem like a floating head during your live stream, it’s best to mix up the colors of your background and your outfit. 

A good rule of thumb is that if you are using a light background for your live stream, you should wear a darker color. On the flip side, if you will be going with a dark background, wear something light. 

Be Careful of the Colors You Wear

In general, it’s best to stay clear from wearing either black or white. These colors often tend to either cast an unnecessary shadow or wash you out during the live stream. On the other hand, going with a deeply saturated color, which contrasts the background you are using can help compliment you on screen. 

What’s the Color of Your Hair?

This is another crucial factor that’s sometimes overlooked. Many people who are just starting with live streaming don’t know how much their hair matters during live video streaming. A good practice is to match the color of your outfit according to your hair color. If you have darker hair, it’s best to go with a medium range of dark colors, but avoid wearing all black. 

On the other hand, if you have lighter hair that’s either grey or blonde, you might want to use lighter and softer colors, such as light grey, pink, beige, blue, and pastels. Remember that the color you choose, if you have lighter hair, should also be light. 

Some Other Tips on the Dress Code for Live Streaming

During live streaming, it’s best not to wear any loud patterns such as checks, gingham, stripes, or plaid outfits. Wearing outfits with sequins or anything shiny and bright, or can reflect light is also not recommended. Also, while you’re at it, try to avoid wearing any glittery jewelry that can reflect light, make a noise while you move, or steal your viewers’ attention. In short, you should not wear any outfit that’s loud or distracting for your live stream audience. 

Try to Be Comfortable

Because a live stream is going to be just that, live, you will want to focus more on function and comfort than style. This might seem odd for some folks who feel that they can look their best when they show off their more stylish side. But, live video streaming usually goes on for longer than videos on demand, which means comfort is vital. When it comes to the dress code for live streaming, your comfort should always trump style. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the dress code for live streaming is broad and can be adapted to your style. The key takeaway is always to put your content and your viewers first. When you become aware of the impact your wardrobe has on the final “product,” it’s easier to consider what to wear for your next live stream and look your best. 

What are your tips for a perfect live streaming wardrobe?

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