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Future of Telehealth: What does it look like in 2021?

Guest Writer
Sep 03, 2020
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With so many changes happening across industries, what does the future of telehealth look like? 

The ongoing global pandemic is an emerging and rapidly evolving situation that might permanently alter the telehealth landscape. The coronavirus has transformed the way people communicate with each other, with a huge number of people leaning towards video conference services to get their social fix. The future of telehealth is bright!

The acceptance of remote-video technology has stretched to the healthcare system as well. Caregivers who earlier did not offer telehealth services are flocking to implement this technology to preserve healthcare standards and as a way to make up for lost revenues. 

As a result, telehealth’s popularity is exploding. This medium of care delivery might never have an equivalent footing with in-person clinical encounters. But, the current demand might spur action to change this reality and make remote care a permanent staple of the U.S. healthcare system. Not to mention, the possibilities that exist beyond patient care for health professionals, such as online medical conferences and other events.

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The Evolving Future of Telehealth Care

Prediction 1: Skyrocket Expansion and Adoption

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have already declared a new regulatory body to expand telehealth services. Telehealth offers higher productivity and saves time to drive between locations, cost savings, better work-life balance, and so much more! All of these factors will accelerate adoption and contribute to the expansion of telehealth services. 

Retail clinics at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart have already adopted telehealthcare services to fulfill demand. In response, significant healthcare setups have asked for an increase in telehealth reimbursements. 

Prediction 2: Inflating DTC Model and Video Conference Applications

Direct-to-consumer or DTC model refers to people using video conferencing applications to interact with a physician they didn’t know. We can anticipate a major expansion in the DTC model and apps that offer live video services. 

Prediction 3: Vertical Growth

Due to the rapid increase in demand for telehealth services, vertical growth of virtual health is expected. As hospitals now depend on telehealth for conveying advanced care, it will require new features and capabilities from the vendors to tackle more complex provider needs. 

For example, connective tools for advanced specialized treatments – neurosurgery, cardiology, rheumatology, infectious disease, and endocrinology, to name a few; to deliver integrated and effective care. 

Prediction 4: Growth in Teleparamedicine

Paramedics that respond to emergencies are on the front line of saving lives. Presently, renowned hospitals are using telehealth to connect emergency responders to cardiologists, intensivists, or neurologists for speedy expert care. With severe medical issues such as heart attack or a stroke, prompt intervention can make the difference between a partial or full recovery or even life and death.

Prediction 5: Increase in Remote Monitoring

By the next year, there will be a drastic increase in remote monitoring due to the expansion of telehealth services that has covered the blind spot for several caregivers until now. This will help to reduce the burden of hospitalization and curb chronic diseases. 

More doctors will lean towards telehealth to monitor recovery and adhere to the treatment plans to stay out of the hospital. 

The telehealth industry is full of promises and has a lot of interesting progress on the horizon. 

The predictions mentioned above are merely an estimate, and the possibilities do not end here. 

What are your thoughts on Telehealth?

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