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8 Ways to Make the Most Out Of Your Live Videos

Mayra Gomes
Mar 20, 2019
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Live videos have the power to grow your online audience and help you reach many people. Most content creators that are producing live videos aren’t leveraging its full potential. That’s why we’ve put together this post with 8 ways to help you make the most out of your live videos.

Though applying these live video tactics might take you some extra time, the benefits are definitely worth it:

  • Highly engaged audience
  • Connection with viewers
  • More content for your digital marketing strategy
  • Expanded online reach
  • Positive ROI – increase sales, followers, and leads
  • Partnerships development
  • Brand ambassadors and advocates

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8 Ways to make the most out of your live videos

#1 – Amp up the audience interaction

Audience interaction is the essence of live streaming. One of the main reasons live streaming videos are so popular is the real-time connection between viewers and presenter. It creates proximity that could only otherwise be achieved in person.

To make the most out of your live videos, make sure you make room for:

  • Q&A sessions during the stream or toward the end
  • Ask them questions throughout the live to increase interaction and collect relevant information
  • Offer incentives to those who participate the most (i.e., gift cards or discounts)
  • Call out some of their names when greeting your audience and during the live

#2 – Connect with viewers

Taking interaction one step further, your live video is the perfect opportunity to establish a deeper connection with your viewers. When you ask them questions, it’s important to validate their responses and interact with them.

Depending on how many viewers you have, it’s nearly impossible addressing everyone’s questions, but one question might be lingering on everyone’s minds. If you take time to understand the question and reply it meaningfully, chances are, others will appreciate the response and, also, feel connected to you.

#3 – Build an email list

Your live video is a great “excuse” to ask your audience for their email addresses. You can create a landing page, where people will have to sign up to your live video, which will collect leads to your email list.

Having an email list is vital. With an email marketing campaign, you’ll be able to nurture those leads, deliver them value and eventually, increase sales or followers.

#4 – Repurpose your live video

For any business or personal brand, the key to grow online is delivering value to your audience consistently. In other words, to expand your online reach, you need high-quality content that helps your target audience. But, creating new content can be time-consuming. If you are a one-person show or running a small business, finding the time to develop content might be tough. That’s why repurposing your live video is such a valuable tactic.

In short, repurposing your live video means transforming one piece of content into others. For instance, your live video has the potential to be:

  • Cut into several shorter videos for social media
  • Published in written form, as a blog post and transcription
  • Shared as a podcast episode or any audio file

#5 – Create a live streaming show

Producing one live video is great. It gets you in front of a bigger audience and helps potential viewers discover you throughout social media. But, creating a live streaming show is better. If you do a one-off, you miss out on many of the live video benefits.

A consistent live show builds you a loyal audience. Over time, reaching out to them every week, allows you to establish a deeper connection and start building relationships. In turn, relationships mean trust and trust means potential customers, brand ambassadors, and advocates. Put simply, they will start promoting your show and brand for you.

#6 – Invite guests and create video collabs

Another way to make the most out of your live videos is to invite guests and create video collaborations. Whether it’s an interview, a talk about your niche or a mutual Q&A, video collabs are fantastic to grow your reach within your niche. You get to tap into the other creator’s audience and vice-versa.

To find interesting guests, think about the industry experts, influencers and stakeholders that could deliver value to your audience. When you contact them, your primary goal should be to develop a relationship with them. So, it’s best not to go straight for the ask.

#7 – Prepare extra material

Everyone loves to feel like they got an extra bang for their buck, right? Though your live streaming video is free, the people that watched spent their most valuable asset on you – their time. At the end of your live stream, delivering something extra to your audience can be a real game-changer.

Let’s say your live video was about tips to run Facebook ads effectively. Throughout the video, you gave your viewers actionable tips that will make their lives much easier. Then, before you end the broadcast, you give them a free guide to Facebook ads, exclusive to participants, with templates and examples that can help them get much better results. How would that impact your audience?

#8 – Plan the next step

When you are creating content to deliver value, it’s vital to keep your eyes on the prize. In other words, don’t forget about your goals. If your goal with live streaming is to grow your audience, go deeper and consider the why. Some objectives might be:

  • Reach potential customers to increase sales
  • Get more viewers to boost ad revenue
  • Expand the number of subscribers to get bigger sponsors

To each main objective, you’d need a different strategy of what comes next. Ask yourself, what’s the next step viewers have to take to get closer to my main goal? If your goal is to increase sales, maybe your audience needs a free trial, discounts, or a demo. The call-to-action at the end of your live video should direct them to that specific next step.

Key Takeaway

When you put effort into creating a live video for your audience, and you don’t deploy these tactics, you’re missing out. These are just a few of the many ways you can make the most out of your live videos. They have the power to expand your online reach and increase audience engagement, unlike any other content form. To leverage its potential, take some time to apply some or all of the strategies above.

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