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How Can You Repurpose Live Videos? (and why should you do it?)

Mayra Gomes
Mar 13, 2019
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Live videos can help you deliver high-quality content and grow your audience, but it’s only half the battle. Repurposing content enables you to increase consistency. When you don’t repurpose live videos, all your efforts go to waste in the long run. To bring value to your audience, consistently, you need a long-term video strategy and repurposing your live videos allow you to increase productivity like no other tactic.

In this blog post, you’ll find out why repurposing live videos is so relevant to content creators, businesses and influencers. Also, we give you insights on how to repurpose live videos and create a long-term video strategy to increase your online success.

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Repurpose Live Videos – Why is it an effective online marketing tactic?

Content is at the core of online marketing. Whether we consider social media posts, search rankings, or online ads, high-quality content is vital. While there are many appropriate strategies to grow your online audience and increase your exposure, it’s all time-consuming.

As a company or influencer, there are only so many hours in a day you can dedicate to content creation. That’s where repurposing live video or content, in general, comes into play. The reusing content is, not only an effective strategy but also time-saving.

Repurposing pieces of content is not publishing the same content over and over. That wouldn’t be very useful nor effective. When we talk about repurposing, it means making the most out of the content you already worked hard to create and showing it under different lights.

This strategy can help you:

  • Deliver more content on a regular basis
  • Bring value to the audience on their preferred medium
  • Improve search rankings and get discovered online

Most importantly, when one piece of content becomes five, you increase your productivity and get more time to focus on engaging with your audience.

What is “repurpose live videos”?

Let’s say you do a one-hour live session on Facebook, packed with exciting information. Viewers were engaged, and it was amazing. Once the broadcast ends, most creators tend to leave it at that. Your audience can still go back and watch the replay but all that high-quality content you created and delivered, slowly fades away.

Here’s what repurposing live videos look like:

You do the same, fantastic live stream. This time, you recorded the live stream and edited to create a shorter video, or several, depending on how much content you delivered. Then, you extracted the audio and made a podcast episode. But, you also transcribed it and published a blog post. You even got a few snippets and posted on Twitter. And on and on you went.

One live video got you multiple pieces of content to share with your audience.

How can you repurpose live videos?

Let’s take a closer look at how you can make the most out of your live streaming efforts and reuse that content in different ways.

Record your live stream

For starters, to repurpose live videos, you need to record your live stream. Though you can download them from the platform you stream to, for example, Facebook or YouTube, sometimes that’s not so easy to do, and you might lose a bit of quality in the process.

With live streaming software like ManyCam, it’s super easy to record your live stream. You can download it for free to give it a try.

Edit the longer format video to repost on YouTube

The first thing to do with a live video is to edit it. It may sound counter-intuitive since one of the benefits of live video is not having to edit, but it’s more productive than re-recording the same content, to edit and post.

Unlike live videos, videos on demand (VOD) shouldn’t be too long. On average, live videos last for one hour and the watch time is much higher than VOD. When you edit, try making the video shorter to keep viewers engaged.

Get short snippets for Instagram and Twitter

Throughout the video, when you deliver high-quality content, you can always find little nuggets of wisdom. Cut those parts and create short clips for Instagram. It will also help you promote your live sessions or drive them to the longer-format video.

The insights you take from your live stream can also be used as tweets to keep your audience engaged on Twitter with your business or personal brand.

Mix the live video with new content

A useful repurposing tactic is to mix your live video with new clips to deliver new content. You can create compilations around a specific topic that will bring value to your audience.

Also, if a section of your live was really good, you can build a recorded video around it. Record an intro and an outro, add new clips to the original live video footage and voilà, a new piece of content to publish on your channel.

Turn your live video into a podcast

Podcasts are extremely popular nowadays, and people love listening to high-quality content. Creating a podcast episode from your live video is as simple as extracting the audio, adding an intro and sharing it.

Make sure your content works in an audio-only format. For example, a video tutorial of how to use a software application might not add much value to the audience.

Transcribe the video and create a blog post

When you repurpose live videos, it’s important to consider how your audience likes to consume your content. While some prefer to watch videos, others might choose to listen to the podcast. And then, are those who would rather read it. So, transcribe the video, do some edits and share a blog post with your audience.

This also comes in handy when you consider SEO optimization, keywords and search rankings. The more content you build around a topic with relevant keywords, the better your ranking on search engines will be. Many other factors play a role in your positioning, but it doesn’t hurt to have as much content as possible.  

Long-term live video strategy

Creating random live videos regarding your niche and repurposing the content can help you grow, but when you have a strategy in place, you can take it much further. Consider producing a serial live streaming “show.” In other words, plan your live streams in a specific order, that over time will add up to a series of high-quality content, just like a Netflix show.

With each live video of the series, you can go through all the repurposing opportunities we mentioned and then, combine multiple videos as packaged content. Create a YouTube playlist, a free online course or a compilation.

Besides, the blog posts can add up to an ebook, which you can make available for download on your website as a lead magnet.

Key Takeaway

When you think about growing your online audience and influence, it’s vital to implement a content strategy. With a long-term live video strategy, combined with this repurpose live videos tactics, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your content creation efforts. Most importantly, you’ll reap the benefits of having high-quality content, consistently, while maximizing your productivity.

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