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The Growing Demand for Live Videos vs. Pre-Recorded Videos

Guest Writer
Jan 21, 2021
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The demand keeps growing for live videos vs. pre-recorded videos and here is why!

Conveying your message on social media through pre-recorded or live videos is the new norm these days. Some say it is a lot easier to opt for pre-recorded videos, while others prefer live videos. The better choice depends on the business you have, your audience, and your content creation goals. In this blog post, we go over the demand for live videos, as well as the pros and cons of both video formats.

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Live videos vs. pre-recorded videos

One of the major differences between live and pre-recorded videos is presentation. When it comes to pre-recorded videos, they are excellent for presenting ideas. It is easier for you to devise a proper plan and explain your points in detail.

With pre-recorded videos, you can rehearse beforehand and re-record the video if required. Pre-recorded videos are perfect for when you want to present specific information to the audience. You have time to learn the script and even edit the video. If you are selling something, it helps if the video is more polished and clear cut.

On the other hand, live videos are used for increasing engagement. It helps you create a bond with the audience. A social media influencer makes use of live videos to show their followers how they live their life. It makes the followers feel closer to the person.  They consume the content on a daily basis. 

Live videos allow you to establish a deeper connection with your audience and interact with them in real-time. That’s why the demand for live video grew exponentially when the pandemic started. Since people couldn’t, and still can’t in some places, see each other in person, go to live events, or have face-to-face meetings with clients, live video became the solution.  

Besides the major difference between live and pre-recorded videos, there are some distinct benefits both versions of videos come attached with. 

Benefits of live videos vs. pre-recorded videos

If there is something that needs to be said right away, live videos are your best bet.  You can instantly switch on the app and start recording. Editing is not required, and it feels more real and human. It feels like you are talking to the audience face to face because it’s real-time.

Production cost

While recording live videos, you don’t have to worry about the cost being too high. There are no editing requirements, and that’s why all the extra cost of hiring editors is cut down. It’s just you, your camera, and your audience. All it takes is a laptop and good camera software. Live-stream videos can garner as much value as pre-recorded. 


Some live videos may not attract many viewers when live, but they can still be watched later on when saved to the social media platforms. Big businesses, such as TED Talks, have many people going online to watch their videos over and over. If you are not confident about your live streaming skills, remember practice makes perfect. Even though pre-recorded videos are the tried and tested method of engaging with your audience, live videos can be saved as videos-on-demand later on.  

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Another benefit of going with live video is time. They take a lot less time compared to pre-recorded videos. An ample amount of resources and time is invested in pre-recorded videos. That is why many businesses or entrepreneurs who have plenty of time and money opt for pre-recorded videos. The production value is huge, and a lot more heavy lifting is required. 

Benefits of Pre-Recorded Videos

Now that we have discussed the benefits of live videos, let’s move on to the pre-recorded videos and why some people deem them superior.

Less pressure

Pre-recorded videos may require more time and energy and involve less pressure and stress. Since all the planning is done beforehand, the execution goes more smoothly. There is little room for errors, and if there is one, it can easily be edited out.

More control

In live videos, you can throw yourself off if you mess up. It can ruin the tempo and make things difficult for you. That is not something you have to worry about. You have a lot more control over the type of content being presented. You decide what you want your audience to see. 

Also, you can play around with the presentation of the pre-recorded videos. You can edit and add a lot of different sound effects and pictures. The same can’t be said about a live video.  

When it comes to a pre-recorded video, creativity knows no bounds.

Key Takeaway

Both types of content have a lot to offer to any business or personal brand looking to grow an online audience. The best content strategy is always the strategy that fits your needs and resources. In this case, mixing both pre-recorded and live videos would be the optimal way to make sure you truly reach your audience online. 

Hopefully, the benefits and differences between live and pre-recorded video help you decide which one suits your needs more. If you need more video tools for your recording and live streams, download ManyCam for free and give it a try! 

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