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Live Video: Helping with the Creation of a Loyal Fan Base

Guest Writer
Jan 14, 2021
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Using live video to create a loyal fan base is a great strategy to grow online and here is how you can do it!

Whether you are a movie star, a music artist, or online celebrity health, or wealth guru, engaging your fan base is important. It is what makes people tune in to watch your content regularly. Most people don’t realize this, but your fans are the biggest asset. They are the ones who create a demand for your product, and that’s why they should be treated accordingly. As a celebrity or online persona, you should cater to their demands to some extent. It will retain your fan base and increase it as well. The best way to do so is by using live video to create a loyal fan base. 

The first thing you should do is to turn your fan base into a community. Make them feel heard and seen. Acknowledge your fans’ impact, and thank them for their support. This will inspire your core fans to tell others about you and your work. It will help them feel connected with you. That is how you create a loyal fanbase. Here are some other ways you can use live video to create a loyal fanbase. 

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Create a loyal fan base with live video


Post content that is exclusive and available only to your fans. For example, if you make music on a platform like YouTube, only your subscribers can access one of your unreleased songs. Your fans will feel important and more people will subscribe to enjoy the perks of exclusivity. 

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are great for putting up live videos to create a loyal fanbase. It is free and will cost you nothing to put up a fan page. You can also use Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, and other platforms to invite your fans to join and hear you or watch you live. You can talk about things that are relevant to you and your fans. 

You must have seen plenty of celebrities posting live videos every day to keep their fans invested in their lives. Instead of talking about your product or service, you can talk about anything and everything as long as you remind your audience that you exist by posting content frequently. One of the best options to create a loyal fanbase is to create a weekly live show on social media.

If you need content ideas, go through other celebrities’ pages to see what type of content they are posting. You can also have a game or competition for your fans. Whoever wins will get gifted something that you own. If you are already social media savvy, you’ll have enough followers of loyal fans who you can request to ask others to join your page.

Combine Social Medias

Being frequently active on one social media platform only works if you have garnered enough loyal fans. However, if you want to increase your loyal fan base, you must use other social media platforms. For example, if you are a musician who only posts on Soundcloud, your music will surely reach your already existing fans. However, if you post your music on YouTube, more people will discover your music, and your fan base will slowly increase. You can use the same strategy for Instagram and Spotify. 

Most people post their content everywhere because before focusing on creating a loyal fanbase, they want to expose their material to as many people as possible. This is an excellent marketing strategy that will help you determine which social media platform gives you the most exposure. Once you have a set of loyal fans, they will follow you wherever you decide to post your content. 


You don’t have to hire a PR firm to help you. Public relations involves reputation. PR agents make sure you don’t do or say anything that could jeopardize your reputation. It is very important to create a fan base. All you need to do is have some ounce of understanding of your fans and self-awareness. You need to work towards building a positive public image and maintaining it.

When addressing the audience, make sure you avoid saying something controversial. Learn to read the room and say what your fans will appreciate. This will provide you with maximum exposure and increase the fan base.

Hopefully, this compilation will help you use live video to create a loyal fan base in no time. If you want your live video to look good and high-quality, download ManyCam for free today!

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