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5 Reasons Using Facebook Live to Grow Your Business is the Way to Go

Nada Mesh
Sep 23, 2021
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How can leveraging Facebook’s Live feature help grow your business? Let’s explore why your brand should consider live streaming on Facebook as a means to grow online!

Any marketer will tell you that experiential marketing is one of the most effective strategies for engaging your customers. This engagement translates to sales, as well as a strengthening in branding and brand image, which in return, can help grow your business. 


Grow Your Business with Experiential Marketing 

Tactics that fall under the umbrella of experiential marketing include, but are not limited to, events, on-site marketing, and live broadcasts. Brands that leverage real-time marketing through experiences find a lot of success in nourishing loyal relations and reinforcing their brand in the consumer’s mind.

Live streaming had already gained prominence before the pandemic, especially as a means for individuals like online gamers and social media personalities to connect to their audience. But a post-covid world forced brands to rethink how they could use this tool to their advantage. 

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Keep reading for a list of reasons your brand should consider using Facebook live as a growth strategy. 


5 Reasons to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business


1. Facebook’s platform stimulates engagement (+ creates a sense of community)


Marketers who have researched social media in-depth know that in 2018, Facebook made a couple of changes to its algorithm. According to an article by ReshiftMedia

This includes prioritizing Facebook live videos over standard videos on users’ feeds. This would explain the 400% increase in daily watch time of Facebook Live videos since they launched the feature back in 2016. 

This algorithm also favors content that sparks engagement – such as liking, commenting, sharing, etc. Video content is generally more engaging than still images or text posts, but live videos generate 6x more interactions than regular videos.

Content that sparks a conversation between your brand and its audience helps foster a more profound sense of community. But, most of all, it will strengthen your customers’ loyalty to you over other brands.


2. Easy to use + Save time 


Facebook has made it so that it’s very easy to learn the ropes of how to host a live broadcast. You need little more than a smartphone camera and a good wifi connection. 

A large part of the appeal of live videos is that they are raw and unedited. A lot of time is saved, not just in the production of the video but also in post-production. You’re able to have a real-time conversation or demonstration with your audience and answer any inquiries they may have all while broadcasting – rather than taking the time to do so afterward.

This time saved on the logistics of creating content allows you to invest more of your efforts in effectively strategizing and growing your business.


3. Cost-Effective 


Compared to a regular video your brand puts out that may have had a whole crew and expensive equipment behind it, live videos are supposed to be DIY. They need a minimum of one person filming, and absolutely no post-editing is required unless you want to repurpose the footage to 10X your content output.  

This allows you to allocate more budget towards larger-scale strategies that can grow your business. It’s also a chance to leverage the strong sense of community fostered through these lower-budget, engaging tactics.


4. The possibilities are endless 


As said before, live videos have now taken the place of regular event marketing strategies, but the possibilities don’t just end there.

As well as product demos and announcement videos, some ideas your brand can incorporate include: 

  • Regular series, for example, weekly live shows.
  • Unboxing videos of your products or things you use.  
  • Behind the scenes, which facilitate more personalization between your brand and customers.
  • Q&As, which allow you to engage and converse with your audience in real-time, again breaking the boundaries between your brand and customer.

Need more live streaming ideas? Check out this article with 30 live streaming content ideas

If you successfully entertain and engage your audience, they’re sure to come back for more. Plus, regularly providing them with content will boost traffic to your page and grow awareness around your brand.


5. Fantastic tool for smaller business  


The last point is that Facebook live is especially useful for smaller businesses on the come-up.

Besides the point mentioned above about Facebook pushing for and boosting live content on users’ feeds, there is also no minimum subscriber count to go live, as with Youtube. 

Youtube has a 1,000 minimum subscriber limit in place in order to go live on the platform through your phone. However, with Manycam, this does not apply, and you can go live using your phone with the ManyCam app, no matter what your subscriber count is.

Facebook allows you to go live regardless and so facilitates your strive to connect with your audience, no matter how small that audience may be.


Key Takeaway


In conclusion, as a platform, Facebook has made it very convenient – and even favorable – to broadcast live from. With live streaming trends growing by the day, your brand should consider incorporating this simple but highly effective tactic in their regular marketing efforts. Then, watch how it steadily grows your brand’s value in the eyes of your customers.




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