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Facebook Live Ideas – What to do for your next Facebook Live Video?

Mayra Gomes
Mar 13, 2018
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Facebook Live videos keep growing in popularity among businesses, personal brands and audiences. They appeal to the desire of being part of something unique, in real time, even from miles away. They’re highly interactive and create a connection with the audience. Most likely, you already know you need live video on Facebook. But coming up with new Facebook Live ideas can be tricky.

Here is a list with 8 Facebook Live ideas that you can do as a business or personal brand. Keep in mind, you can adapt these ideas to your personality, and make sure you keep being authentic. There is no need to be anyone else. You should create YOUR live videos and your audience wants your videos, too. By the end of this article, you will have a lot more than 8 ideas for your next Facebook Live video.     

Why Facebook Live?

Before we dive in our Facebook Live ideas, you need to make sure it is the right platform for you. Spoiler alert: It is for most people. Keep in mind though, you can and should be in more than one social platform, even when it’s a live stream.

There are many reasons to choose Facebook as a platform for live video. The most important one is Facebook will highlight live videos. On the news feed of users’ profiles, live videos will show up first, at least for a while.

Facebook is the social media platform with most users and, more importantly, regular users that access it on a daily basis. It’s also free, both for the users and the content creators. They do charge brands to advertise, but that’s about it. As a brand or an individual, you can stream as many live videos as you want, for free.

Another great advantage of Facebook is that it’s a great way to reach your fans. People that follow your page will be notified when you go live. Which gets you more viewers than broadcasting to a platform that isn’t social.

Facebook Live ideas

When it comes to live videos, there are many possibilities. But, perhaps, too many for our own good. So, we created this list with 8 Facebook Live ideas. They are easy to put into action and can help you grow your audience and get more views. With these ideas, you can be more successful as a brand or individual.

Prefer videos? Check out our video with these ideas:

#1 Q&As

Q&A stands for Questions & Answers. You can gather some frequent questions you get and start a live session. You’ll only need a basic setup (webcam & mic or smartphone). If you plan it in advance, you can promote it on your website, social media and to your email list. During the promotion, you can ask people to send in their questions. They can also ask you live, be prepared for anything.

It’s an easy setup that can help establish a deeper connection with your audience.  It’s also a highly engaging content, which means, you can get many comments, likes, and shares. That’s always good for your online presence.

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#2 Behind the Scenes and Beyond

You’ve heard about Behind the Scenes videos before, but it sounds like a “Show Biz” thing, doesn’t it? The reason why people love to watch “Behind the Scenes” is to see the stars and idols being human. Suddenly, the stars seem not so unreachable. They want to identify with that “star” and feel a connection. Which leads to trust.

The idea is the same for your company or personal brand. Giving your audience a sneaky peek behind the curtains, is giving them a chance to get to know you better. Show your personality and your brands’ personality. With a smartphone setup, you can give your viewers a live tour around the office. Let your audience get to know you, as simple as that.

#3 Interviews

If you want to expand your audience, interviews are the way to go. When you interview people, chances are they will share it too and their audiences will watch it. In other words, tapping into a new audience with similar interests brings new customers. Same goes for when you are interviewed.

To decide who to interview, you must consider your connections and what you want to achieve. For example, if you can reach industry experts, they will boost your credibility and grow your audience. If you can’t, start creating these connections. To increase sales, you can interview partners and sell both products together. Another idea is to interview your own team and employees. They can talk about their own expertise.

#4 Broadcast Live Events

Broadcasting live event on Facebook doesn’t mean you need to throw your own event. If you go live when you are at an in-person event related to your industry, your audience will appreciate it. They will get to experience parts of the event through you.

It’s also a chance to establish credibility because it shows you are on top of your industry latest news. Besides, you will meet possible partners or industry experts. Try putting this together with the previous Facebook Live ideas. For example, you can interview people during the event and give a sneak peek behind the scenes.  

#5 Teach something

This is a basic, yet essential way to grow your audience with live video on Facebook. Educating your viewers shows them you care and helps you gain credibility. You know a lot about your industry and they will love to learn from you. It doesn’t have to be directly related to your product. For example, you can show your audience how to do something associated with your routine.

When it comes to teaching, remember to always focus on the “lesson” and not on your sales. For instance, you can prepare a live class or webinar and take a few minutes to promote your product or service. But don’t make it the focus of the session.

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To promote your products and services, as well as provide great customer service, create live how-to videos. Take the opportunity to answer your audience’s questions and build a relationship with them.

#6 Share valuable tips with your audience

Apart from teaching your audience, you can also share valuable tips with them. Maybe something you learned or a book you read, could be valuable to your viewers. Do a quick live session and share it with them.

The advantage of sharing tips is that it creates shareable content. Which means, there is a good chance for others to share your video. Especially if your goal with this live is to motivate, inspire or somehow help your audience.

Share with your audience a strategy you used and worked well for your business. Or, recommend something you did that helped you improve. There are endless examples of valuable tips you could share, think about things that help you. Most likely, they will also help your audience.

#7 For Products & Services

As far as Facebook Live ideas go, using it to sell products or services isn’t anything new. Still, it’s worth mentioning because there is more than one way to sell something with live video. Since live video increases your reach on Facebook, you can use it to announce new products and create a buzz.

You can also demonstrate how it works and show people how it can help them. It will be good for them to see it in action. Live videos are perfect for flash sales too. A great way to be successful is to combine sales with other Facebook Live ideas, like teaching, Q&A, interviews etc.

If you don’t have your own products or services, you can unbox products and/or review them. Remember to put affiliate links in the description of you live video, if you have them, to you increase your revenue.

#8 Make a series

Any of the Facebook Live ideas above can be converted into a series or a recurring show. Being consistent increases your viewership because your fans will always be expecting you at a certain day and time. For example, create a weekly Q&A to keep engaging with your fans constantly. Or create a short series of webinars, for a week special with a great promotion at the end.

In Summary

All these Facebook Live ideas can be mixed and matched. Think about what would work for you and take action. It can be scary to do live videos but each time you do, you will get better at it. The benefits are too great to not give them a try. Consider what works for you and your audience.

Live video requires you to be yourself to establish a connection with the audience. Put these Facebook Live ideas in action and build a relationship with your viewers.

Share with us your Facebook Live ideas in the comment section below.

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