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What Are the Advantages of Web Conferencing?

Guest Writer
Sep 24, 2020
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Understanding the advantages of web conferencing is the first step to make the most of them!

The work-from-home culture is gradually becoming a norm and a commonplace for a myriad of businesses and workers. Global upheaval, namely COVID-19, has rapidly and instantly escalated the demand for tools that could cater to remote working, web conferencing platforms being one of those.

With numerous businesses and employees involved in web conferencing and collaboration, let us view some of the advantages of web conferencing for both businesses and employees.

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7 Advantages of web conferencing for businesses and employees

The following are just a few of the many advantages offered by web conferencing platforms to businesses and employees.

#1: Time efficiency & saving

The most recognized advantage of web conferencing is time efficiency and saving. As employees can remotely work from the comfort of their homes, the time spent on traveling to their office and coming back home is greatly saved. 

Workers’ ability to complete their work and deal with issues without leaving their homes significantly saves their time and has also proven to increase productivity. The time spent traveling to the workplace and returning home can be used by workers to do something more productive.  

#2: Reduced travel costs & no commute

Apart from saving time, working from home can also affect traveling expenses as no commute is required. Additionally, numerous businesses used to send their employees on a domestic or international trip for business-related ventures. With web conferencing, that’s no longer necessary, and businesses can redirect that budget to other important areas of their strategy.

Through web conferencing platforms, the need for travel is reduced. Face-to-face or personal meetings can be conducted online, with associates joining in from any location worldwide. Airport delays, flight cancellations, traffic jams, and any other transportation problem is no longer an excuse for missing out on business conferences and meetings.

One issue that might come up with video conferences from home is the background. But, thanks to technology, that can easily be solved by replacing your background with images or videos. So, employees don’t have to worry about their backdrops and can focus on the web conference. 

#3: Application & desktop sharing

One of the most crucial advantages of web conferencing is application and desktop sharing. Several web conferencing platforms provide the ability to present information through Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, or any other important document through a screen sharing feature. It ensures that your business meeting functions smoothly and guarantees that every participant is on the same page regardless of the distance.

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#4: A faster way to reach stakeholders

Web conferencing certainly saves travel and commute time, but that is not the only way it can save you time. Through web conferencing and collaboration solutions, businesses can provide online demos of services and products without wasting time planning. By having a tutorial or webinar demo ready to deploy online, companies can save time typically spent on coordinating with employees, clients, and customers.

#5: A faster way to solve problems than in-person meetings

Another major advantage of web conferencing is that it can help solve issues that might take longer in face-to-face meetings. During in-person meetings, often, there can be several distractions. The main problem often takes a back seat from wasting time on tea, snacks, and small talks. But in web conferencing, there is no tea or snacking; thus, any big or small issues can be resolved in a shorter time and in a better way.

#6: Access to resources

Web conferencing platforms can be connected to live video software like ManyCam, which allows users to easily share resources such as important business documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, and so much more. This way, all employees can keep up with the topics discussed and access relevant information to improve productivity and efficiency.

#7: Improved communication and structured meetings

As employees join from different locations, pre-determine start and end-times are usually agreed upon before the web conference begins. This encourages a more serious discussion with less chit-chat. Conference participants are more likely to stay focused and alert about whatever is being discussed, when the meeting is conducted effectively

Instead of sending frustrating email trains where intent or meaning behind messages could be obscured, in web conferencing, employees can see essential visual cues in body-language from colleagues, partners, associates, customers, etc. Expressions of concern, satisfaction, or understanding can also be more easily addressed than through a myriad of emails, voicemails, and IMs.

Parting Note

Web conferencing has reached a stage where it’s viewed as a necessity by businesses and employees. Using web conferencing software allows scalability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility to meet expanding communication needs.

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