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The Impacts of Working from Home – The Good and Bad

Guest Writer
Jun 17, 2021
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What are the impacts of working from home for employees and companies? This article discusses the good and the bad of the “new normal.”

Working from Home (WFH) was a change waiting to happen because of the rampant increase in the use of technology for our day-to-day tasks. The pandemic did push us into an instantaneous transition that most of the working class is still having a hard time adjusting to and the impacts of working from home are clear. Working from home is as simple as it sounds; you operate remotely from the comfort of your home office rather than working in a traditional office space.Β 

This article discusses the Impacts of Working from Home and its implications on the economy by examining the benefits for companies and their employees and how we can look forward to a future where working from home becomes the new etiquette. 

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The Impacts of Working from Home

The Good of Working from Home

The benefits of working from home for employees that managers or new business owners could take into consideration are as follows:Β 


Having a home-based office is extremely convenient, especially if the job entails working with technology or over the phone. Also, the cost of and effort in commuting to and fro the office becomes zero.Β 

Increased productivity 

Due to fewer distractions and a quieter environment, the employees can focus much better. The managers also have to send out fewer instructions because the systems are already automated to generate the tasks. As a result, the overall productivity increases.Β 

Better work/life balance

The balance is much easier to maintain in a home-based setup as employees can spend more time with family and household chores. It also means fewer absences and sick leaves because fewer chances of their immune systems are negatively impacted by commuting burnout.Β 

Saving office space 

When employees work from home, employers can optimize operating through home-based offices themselves, providing them a perfect opportunity to lead a team and not be obligated to lease out big office space for those starting.Β 

The Bad of Working From Home

The issues that could arise with decreased staff motivation and disadvantages of WFH for companies are listed below:Β 


Employees and managers might feel disconnected from each other and the organization due to the lack of interaction that the office space otherwise allowed. For the employees living alone or away from their families, this feeling of isolation could negatively impact their work and mental health.Β 

Costs of WFH 

Many organizations had to shut down or are still struggling with the unexpected upfront costs of enabling WFH systems. It means purchasing equipment and software that will automate the processes and training the employees to adapt to the changes.

Information security risk 

The security of internal company information is at risk when home-based employees take laptops or systems. The servers have to be accessed remotely and immediately, and a data breach can only be controlled to a certain extent by strong passwords and full-proof software systems.Β 

Monitoring performance 

The difficulty could arise from managers being unable to reach their employees due to a lack of communication. It is harder to keep track of employees that might not be performing well and delaying their tasks. A WFH setting will enable them to slack even more on deadlines.Β 

What Can Leaders Do to Optimize the ‘New Etiquette’

The only thing certain these days is uncertainty, and the only way to optimize work in any setting is by keeping up with the changing trends and planning. 

Here are some observations we have made that could help leaders take charge of the situation better: 

  • This opportunity enables getting practical insights into the changing and dynamic workplace etiquettes that can be beneficial in setting organizational and individual goals. 
  • For any system to work, the key is always effective communication. Strong communication will provide employees a safe space to seek solace, keep their morale high.Β 
  • Taking and providing consistent feedback will help improve the process and keep employees aligned with company values.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, many organizations will soon want their employees to return to offices, others will have adapted to the new etiquette, and some companies are going hybrid. So there is no one correct way of doing this; use it as an opportunity to plan the company’s growth accordingly and stay on top of the game.  

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