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ManyCam Custom Video Source Name Privacy

Mar 26, 2013

Sometimes, random chat sites like Omegle monitor what video source you are using. Then, give a custom message to other people you are video chatting with.  This is probably because someone broke their rules in the past with some type of virtual webcam software.  People who abuse chat sites like Omegle will get permanently banned from the service.

Most people who use ManyCam, use it in positive ways. For example, artists who create awesome drawings of the person they are video chatting with. Others, use our text over video feature to teach people a new language.  ManyCam’s video and audio effects are also very fun to try out on sites like Omegle or Chatroulette. You can even create your own effects on ManyCam.

We sometimes use sites like Omegle and Chatroulette to test our software and make sure it’s functioning properly before releasing new versions. I think it’s unfair to artists, musicians, software developers, and other positive ManyCam users to have a negative message associated with their video.  Fortunately there is an easy way to regain your privacy with ManyCam.


ManyCam Custom Video Source

Go to the top left ManyCam “Video” tab then choose “Sources”.  At the bottom left of the window you’ll see “Custom Video Source”.  Change your video source name to whatever you want like “my cool webcam”. Then restart your browser and you have now regained your privacy.  This feature does not work on the Chrome browser or for Mac users currently.

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