ManyCam Special – Up to 25% OFF Upgrade Now Website Passwords Reset

Mar 22, 2011

Due to the possibility of a security breach we have reset all website passwords.  When logging on to the site please click “forgot your password” or “password resent” to get your secure updated password.

If you logon to with Facebook or Twitter then your password never transversed our servers at all, so it is secure.  If you registered a nickname on and you use the same password other places, for example your Email account you should change your password in those other places as soon as possible.

It’s possible that no breach occurred but we felt it was better to be safe than sorry and let you know.

Please note that only a tiny subset of our users registered at because website registration is optional to use our software or download effects.  If you use our software and never registered on our website or if you logged on with Twitter or Facebook then this problem does not apply to you.

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