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New ManyCam Update – ManyCam 6.3 is Live

Mar 27, 2018
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Great news for Windows users, the new ManyCam update is live! Download ManyCam 6.3 here.

With ManyCam, you can create amazing live streams and enhance your video calls and conferences. The launch of ManyCam 6 in 2017 brought its whole new look with an optimized performance, new features, and functions. Since then, we kept working hard to improve each feature and create new ones. On this blog post, we give you an overview of what has changed in ManyCam 6.3 and how it helps you create professional-looking live videos.


What has changed in ManyCam 6.3?

With every new version and update, our goal is always to provide you with the best, yet affordable, live streaming and video calling software we can. Here is a list of everything that has been updated on ManyCam 6.3:

  •      Added hotkeys for starting/stopping broadcasting and recording
  •      Improved effect management UI panel
  •      Improved IP cameras connection stability
  •      Fixed Mobile source connection issue
  •      Fixed hangs and crashes when switching video files in the playlist
  •      Fixed CBR encoding mode
  •      Bug fixes and stability improvements
  •      Brand new Game Capture module (Beta)
  •      Added new overlay feature (assigned to Ctrl+Shift+O by default)
  •      Added to predefined social media streaming services

Hotkeys for Recording and Streaming

The hotkeys are a great way to be more productive during your live streams. They give you the freedom to control your live video without having to go back to ManyCam.

During live streams and video calls, there are a million things to focus on. So, having the power to customize your own hotkeys and use them throughout your system is a great advantage. Now, you can set your keyboard combination to start a streaming or recording and stop it. It will make your work a lot easier.

Effects Management Panel

As a request from our online teaching community, we worked on our effects panel to make it easier to manage the effects. Now they are grouped in folders and you can create new folders. It’s easier to choose, apply and overall manage all the effects.

Overlay Feature

The overlay feature allows you to have ManyCam’s main controls in a smaller window, to help you manage your live stream. This way, ManyCam doesn’t take much space on your screen and you can focus on your live video. It comes assigned to Ctrl+Shift+O by default. added to predefined social media

Twitch is one of the biggest social media streaming platforms out there, along with Facebook and YouTube. So, we created a better integration with it and added it to the main broadcasting options.

Game Capture Module (Beta)

Apart from these updates, bug fixed and stability improvements, we’ve also added a new game capture module (beta) for game streaming. If you like to stream your games live, this feature will make it easy for you.


Get ManyCam 6.3 and enjoy everything it has to offer:

ManyCam 6.3


Note: If you already have a paid subscription to ManyCam, you can update your version for free. Simply go to Download ManyCam, hit the Download button under Free Version. Once you install it, log in to your account, activate your subscription and enjoy ManyCam 6.3!


Let us know what you think of ManyCam 6.3 in the comment section below!


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