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[How to] Increase your sales on Black Friday with live streaming

Mayra Gomes
Nov 16, 2017
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As we all know, there are 2 huge sales opportunities coming up, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But how do you turn these opportunities into revenue? You probably guessed it, live streaming. Here you’ll find out how live streaming can help you increase your sales on Black Friday / Cyber Monday and how to put it into action.

This strategy can be applied to any type of business, product-oriented or service-oriented, selling online or not. Just because you only sell physical products locally or maybe you don’t have a full online business, doesn’t mean your customers aren’t online, right?

For instance, if you sell online courses, with part of your course content and testimonials from some of your students, you can create a great live streaming experience. During the live session, you can offer some of your courses for a lower price. Don’t forget to direct them to a specific landing page where the sale is clear.

Even if you work in retail and don’t sell online, you can still find people interested in watching you unbox new and exciting products online. While you show them the products, you can offer discount coupons or let them pay in advance to reserve some items. This will bring in more customers to your stores, who could possibly spend more one they are there.


How can live stream increase your sales?

The fact is that live streaming videos are getting more popular by the minute. If you haven’t started doing live videos yet, here is why you should.

Being live with your customers and potential customers, gives your brand a “face” and makes it more human, which allows people to connect and trust you. It creates a unique moment in your life and your audience’s lives, which consciously or not, makes them feel like they’re part of something special. On the other hand, it also means they have high expectations, because no one wants to waste valuable time.

To meet your viewers’ expectations, all you need to do is deliver what you promoted and outlined as the content of your live stream. But, your goal should be to exceed their expectations. So, you need to over deliver. By giving them more than they expected, most of the time, they will be more than willing to learn more about your product or service. Furthermore, if you targeted the right audience, they will be interested in your product and will appreciate a special discount.

The live stream creates more engagement with your audience because you can answer them on the spot. More than that, it creates a real sense of urgency, if the promotion is only happening during the live streaming session. While you deliver your content and show your product, you can prompt your audience to take action.

Still taking advantage of the engagement a live stream creates, you can encourage your viewers to share the live stream with their friends and colleagues. Since the premise is that only those watching the live video will get the discount, they can bring in other people that who might be interested.


What to offer on a Black Friday / Cyber Monday live streaming?

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a promotion for live streaming videos, is that it needs to be an extremely good deal. The viewers will be giving you their precious time, so you need to make it worth it. If, by the end of the live video, you give them a 5% discount coupon, they probably will not be very happy.

If you don’t have a good profit margin to offer them big discounts, don’t worry, the promotion can still work. What you can do is add incentives to your promotion. For example, you offer them a 5% discount on your main product and add a gift card from a partner or offer a service, such as a 1-hour consultation with you or one of your team members. There are many ways to offer enough value to your future customers.


Promotional Live Streaming Setup

For the most part, setting up a promotional live stream is very similar to any other. You still need great content, a plan and preparation. Here is a checklist you can follow to prepare for your live stream: Live Streaming Checklist.

Since it’s a promotion, make sure you have a Landing Page, specifically for the sale, to share during your live video. Preferably, with a countdown timer, to increase the urgency. It’s crucial that your landing page is simple and easy to understand. Preferably, focused solely on the action they should take regarding your Black Friday sale.

Once you have everything ready, start promoting your live streaming session. Promote on your social media profiles, online banners on your website and send out a newsletter. Feel free to use any other resources to advertise your live stream. Let people know you are going live, with great content AND a very special offer.


Increase Sales during your Live Streaming

During you live session, make sure you keep your audience engaged, ask them questions and answer their questions too. Calling people by name can create a more personal environment, and therefore, it creates connection. Especially, if someone makes a purchase and you thank them, live.

To present your promotion, you have 2 options. You can either present it right out of the gate, and keep talking about it during the live stream. Or you can hold it until the end of the session to give them the link. In this case, it’s important to constantly remind them of the promotion coming up. The advantage here is to have more time to do your sales’ pitch, while giving them valuable content. However, there’s always the risk of losing some viewers along the way.

If you show your viewers how your brand solves their problem, with demonstrations or case studies, and on top of that, give them a great offer with real value, you’ll definitely increase your sales. It’s all about connecting with them, offering value and creating urgency.



In short, streaming a live video with great content and with a special Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotion can increase your sales on the spot. It gives you more online exposure, creates engagement with your audience and urgency for them to take action. The key is to promote it well enough to get as many viewers as possible within your target audience and have an irresistible offer on the table.

To maximize your sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can have live streaming sessions throughout the weekend. Just don’t forget to analyze each live stream and optimize after each time, to make sure you sell even more.

Black Friday is just around the corner, but there’s still time for you to plan a great live streaming event. Go ahead, and start planning you promotional live streaming today and increase your sales!

Good luck and happy sales!

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