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4 of the Best Royalty-Free Music Libraries for Your Broadcasts

Guest Writer
May 14, 2020
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Discover some of the best royalty-free music libraries for your broadcasts that can amp up your production value. 

With so many live streams happening, standing out can be a challenge for content creators. One way to add production value to your broadcasts and enhance their overall quality is to add music to it. But, you need royalty-free music so that you don’t get shut down due to copyright infringement. In this blog post, you’ll discover 4 of the best royalty-free music libraries for your broadcasts to take them to another level.

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The use of music on live videos

The creative use of music can enhance the quality of your broadcasts. It can help grab the attention of the viewer from the onset and help them feel the type of emotion you want to bring out with your content. 

Of course, trying to find the right soundtrack to fit in with your streams can be difficult, especially when you’re planning to monetize it. You can’t just use anyone’s musical content as it might constitute copyright infringement and potentially plunge you into an expensive lawsuit. 

Facebook, in particular, is known for taking down live streams due to copyrighted music. YouTube, on the other hand, usually tends to remove the audio of the videos. Either way, this is something to keep in mind and avoid at all costs. Even if it’s a song in the background, it can become an issue. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of websites out there where you can find lots of royalty-free music. Royalty-free means that there are no limits or extra fee charges involved in the usage of the content, including for commercial use. In this article, we list down the best royalty-free music libraries for your broadcasts. 

Best royalty free music Libraries for your broadcasts

YouTube Audio Library 


  • Absolutely Free of Cost 
  • Huge Collection 
  • Good Quality 

Let’s start with the most popular and accessible first, YouTube’s own audio library. The video streaming giant has a vast and ever-expanding collection of soundtrack music and effects that you can use in your videos and broadcasts as many times as you want free of charge. This makes it an ideal platform for new and small-time streamers producing their content on a tight budget.

Navigation is easy through its streamlined and highly intuitive interface. Just because the service is free, it doesn’t mean the quality has been compromised. Going through it, you will find plenty of soundtracks that match the standard of those featured on more premium music galleries. 

What’s more, in case you were wondering, it’s not limited to the YouTube platform. You can download the music for any of your videos. 



  • Universal licensing 
  • A fixed yearly-subscription
  • Vas collection of indie soundtracks 

Artlist was founded quite recently, in 2015, but its uncomplicated universal licensing allowed it to take off quickly. In fact, it’s success prompted others in the digital music industry to switch towards a subscription-based business model. 

For a flat price of $199 a year, you get unlimited access to thousands of high-quality music tracks sourced from an ever-expanding community of indie artists from around the world. Once you download music from its library, it is yours to keep and use however you want to. With advanced filters and easy navigation, it is not difficult to find the exact type of soundtrack that you need.

Premium Beat 


  • Two licensing options 
  • Hard to match track quality 

A subsidiary of the Shutterstock, Premium Beat, is a great choice for finding some really top-tier exclusive soundtracks for your broadcast streams without having to abuse your wallet. The website offers two licensing options – standard and premium. 

The standard price is $49 per track and is geared towards web-based or non-commercial content creators for any number of their projects. However, it does have some limitations. Meanwhile, the premium option, priced at $199, is more oriented towards businesses. While it only covers a single project, there is no limitation attached to its use.

Their website has a sleek, minimalistic design with easy navigation and uncluttered with any distractions.



  • Subscription-based model 
  • Service trusted by major brands
  • Amazing customer care 

With big client names such as Tesla, Microsoft, and Amazon, you can be sure that this royalty-free music service has a lot on offer. Subscription to its service starts at $15 a month and provides unlimited access to its music library. Upgrading to a $21/monthly also grants you access to sound effects and song stems. 

Finally, its $75 a month ‘Business’ subscription gives you access to its full library as well as a bunch of other useful perks. 

Soundstripe also has an amazing customer service with real humans available to answer all your queries, from questions about their service to even recommendations on which songs to use for your projects. 

Other special mentions: Bensound & Incompetech

If you are looking for free of charge music, you can have a closer look at Bensound and Incompetech. Both websites offer free music if the creators make proper attribution. To make sure their licenses apply to your type of video, remember to check out their policies.

Best royalty-free music – Over to you

Audio plays a key role in videos, and live streams are no different. When you add royalty-free music to your broadcasts, it takes them to a whole new level. Hopefully, this blog post gave you some ideas on how to source your royalty-free music. 

Next, you should also make sure you optimize your live streaming audio.

Which of the royalty-free music libraries will you use for your broadcasts? 

Tell us in the comments below. Plus, if you found this article to be helpful, consider sharing with others in your circle. 

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