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5 Ways to Remain Creative in a Content World

Guest Writer
Jul 29, 2021
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Creativity is crucial in this content world, and here is how content creators can remain creative!


Content creators are out here spewing content left, right, and center, and we can’t help but wonder what their creative process must look like. Well, it is certainly not as easy and fun as it seems. So in this blog post, we’ve gathered tips to help you remain creative as a content creator. 

So much goes unnoticed because it is happening behind the scenes. Creating content requires these creators to find the right audience, understand their needs and connect with them personally by establishing credibility through authentic and compelling content. 

The content needs to ultimately drive the audience to take action.

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How can a content creator remain creative in a content world?


For an expert view on the matter, here are personal insights from the Forbes Communication Council contributors. These are tips and creative strategies they use to develop content that drives up user engagement:

  1. Start with a theme for your content
  2. Stay hyper-focused on the needs of consumers
  3. Always check for competitors and industry publications
  4. Study different industries to find unique vantage points  
  5. Hold brainstorming sessions regularly
  6. Use data from social media
  7. Be curious and ask questions
  8. Reflect and navigate through the noise
  9. Don’t hesitate to delegate to people who have a comparative advantage
  10. Step away and take some time for yourself
  11. Conserve your calories by focusing on content that you like to create
  12. Don’t lose out on the human element
  13. Protect the inner child cause a lot of creativity stems from it
  14. Find your inner genius by diving deeper into your thinking process


For a more practical view on the matter, ask the following questions to activate your creative abilities:

  • Which consumer need is your content satisfying?
  • What will the creative process look like?
  • Which compelling strategies should be deployed to engage users?


With these tips and questions in mind, you can start to shape your content strategy sustainably. 

Let’s expand a bit on how you can optimize your content creation while remaining creative. 


5 Ways to Remain Creative as a Content Creator


1.   Have strong reference points

We understand that ‘content is king,’ but being mindful of what content is being produced is quintessential in connecting to the audience on a deeper level. Sharing faux information to get more followers is manipulating consumers, and any content creator should not exercise that kind of authority.

Not everything you read and see on the internet is true, so look for solid reference points for sourcing your information. 

A way to build up your references is to research, consume and study different types of content. For instance, if you want to become a vlogger on YouTube, search for the top 10 YouTube vloggers in America and check out their YouTube pages to understand what makes their content unique to the community they are sharing it with. 


2.   Finding an online audience

Another way to creatively uplift your content is by finding the right digital audience to connect with. The sooner you find your niche, the more focused your content can be.

Following are some ways you could find your target audience:

  • Using Google Analytics
  • Check out social media trends
  • Create a strong reader persona
  • Use Facebook Insights
  • Have a digital presence: engage on social media platforms


3. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Social experiments, especially when driving consumer engagement, can result in wonders or disasters; you can never predict the outcome.

However, the key to experimenting is doing thorough research on changing consumer trends and being aware of what could potentially trigger your audience.

Suppose you search Google for the best marketing campaigns of all time; names like Nike, Apple, or Coca-Cola will always appear on the top because they have gigantic budgets dedicated to Research & Development. So, they might not be the best examples for you to use, depending on your budget. 

Two great ways of researching topics and trends are: Google Trends and Answer The Public


4.   Take Breaks

Taking short breaks while you work will keep you energized and inspired to optimize your abilities because it gives your brain a chance to slow down and nurture creativity in the form of innovative solutions that can increase your productivity levels.

The infamous Pomodoro Technique is a great way to utilize your workday by separating it into working chunks of 25 minutes followed by 5-minute breaks.


5.   Create a list of ideas

Creating lists for your ideas can organize the information and reduce the clutter. In addition, the list can provide a simple structure by prioritizing tasks in small phrases or words. You can make lists about anything, and the best part is you can easily share them with others.

Anytime you see something that sparks an idea, make sure you add it to the list. Creating that habit will help you build a long list of ideas that can serve you in times of a “creative block.”

Mind Mapping is a fantastic way to ensure you remain creative. It helps you sort out your ideas by visually organizing information and linking key concepts through images, charts, and links.  


What are your tips to remain creative in a content world?


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