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How Can You Profit MORE From Live Videos?

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Live video is an invaluable tool to reach and engage with your audience, and despite what people think, it’s not that short-lived. Live streaming videos have a much longer shelf-life than we give them credit for and you can profit more from live videos. In this blog post, we’ve put together actionable strategies to help you profit more from live videos. Once you read this, you’ll be able to take full advantage of what live streams have to offer after you’ve ended your broadcast.


Profit more from live videos with a clear Call-To-Action

When you are reaching the end of your live broadcast, you need to have a clear message of what you want your viewers to do next. What’s the next step? For instance, if you’re selling something, you should have a link ready where they can make the purchase. If your goal is to build an email list, make sure you have a landing page to capture their emails. By the way, whatever the call-to-action is, the steps should be as simple and clear as possible.

When you focus on one clear call-to-action, your audience is more likely to do it than when you tell them to do ten different things at once. Apart from speaking to your audience, there are other ways to drive focus to the call-to-action. You can put the message with the link in your comment section and the video description. The more they see it, the more drawn to it they will be.


Gain your viewers’ loyalty

Here is where people leave a lot on the table. Even if your viewers enjoy your live video, they probably won’t watch the next one unless they are notified about it. Which means, you must find a communication channel to tell them when and where the following live video will be.

Throughout your video and with your call-to-action, you can encourage people to become followers or subscribers. So, they can be notified when you’re going live next. If you have an organized schedule, you can also create custom art to promote it on the cover of your Facebook page or YouTube channel.

One of the best ways to gain your viewers’ loyalty and profit more from live videos is to build an email list, Facebook group or something similar. In other words, to gain loyal viewers, you need to have a direct communication channel.  This channel will allow you to reach them every time you have a new live video scheduled or other things that might interest them.


Engaging with viewers

After your live stream has ended, depending on how many people were watching, chances are not everyone got a reply. It’s crucial to reply to these comments, even if the stream has ended. Your response shows you care about your audience. It also motivates them to come back and watch your next live video.

The most significant advantage of live streaming is its level of interaction and engagement. If you don’t interact with viewers, you won’t be able to profit more from live videos. At least the viewers that watched you live should get a response.

Make sure you reply to criticism and unkind comments too, it shows your professionalism and attention to the community you’re creating.


Recording, branding, and posting

When you live stream to platforms such as Facebook, it will record your live stream, and later on, it becomes a post on your page. This is great, but it’s not enough. For you to profit more from live videos, you need your own recording of it

Once you have the recorded video, you can repurpose it in many ways. For starters, you can use segments of the video to create trailers, teasers, and ads. Next, you can edit the footage and brand it accordingly. Once it’s ready, you can post it on your social platforms after some time as new content. 

The recorded video can also be adapted to other videos and other types of content. For example, you can create a shorter video and add it as part of a blog post, to enrich your content. This kind of material can also be used for promotion and as part of your video intro. If can also be used to present you in collaboration with others., when you’re a guest or interviewee. 


Key Takeaway

When you go through the effort of planning and creating live videos, as well as investing your time and in equipment in it, you need to explore all its benefits. When you focus on extending the “shelf-life” of your stream, you’ll be able to profit more from live videos.

So, to recap, at the end of your live stream, have a clear call-to-action and tell your viewers what to do next. Make sure you create direct communication channels to make sure you can reach your viewers after the end of the live stream and before the next one. This channel will be essential for you to profit more from live videos. Also, once the broadcast is over, go back and reply to all comments that were made during your live video. Last but not least, record your live video and repurpose it in different ways.





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