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6 things you should do to prepare a successful Webinar

Mayra Gomes
Sep 19, 2017
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Webinars have been around for awhile now but they are still one of the most popular ways to deliver contents online. A webinar is a live web-based event and it’s a great way to connect with a global audience while giving them a feeling of a one-on-one conversation. Hosts can deliver a lecture, conduct interviews, share their computer screens, give product demonstrations and answer people’s questions.

Creating successful webinars for you or your brand can help you reach a broad audience without a large investment, but it can be quite tricky to deliver an engaging webinar. Hopefully, with these preparation tips, you’ll be able to get great results!

Check out our video with some of these tips:


Successful Webinar

  1.      Webinar Outline

Create an outline of the entire webinar, from the beginning to the end. Think about the topics and remember that it should not last over an hour. The online audience has a very short attention span, so be mindful of the length of your live event.

You don’t need to add a lot of information because it might get confusing. Instead, focus on one specific topic that takes you to a second topic within and that’s it. Make sure your content is useful and clear. And come up with an enticing title based on your outline.

  1.     Presentation

The presentation is key to a successful webinar. If your graphics aren’t appealing nor engaging, your audience will lose interest quickly. So, take your time and create an amazing slide deck to reinforce what you are talking about. Too much text could be quite boring for some people.

  •      Stick to a few colors
  •      Focus on great images and graphics
  •      Use keywords instead of paragraphs
  1.     Use various types of media

This is usually taken for granted by many webinars’ productions out there, but if done right it can totally change the outcome of your online event. Using different sources to prove your points can help your audience understand your topics and believe in you. Imagine watching the news on TV, what is more impactful: a journalist sitting on the desk and reporting the news OR watching the actual footage of what happened?

You can do the same thing during your webinar and create something exciting. Mix your live video broadcast with pre-recorded videos, share your screen, use images and switch between different cameras to really get your point across, impact your audience and keep them engaged.

If you still don’t have a live streaming software and you want to create impactful webinars, download ManyCam for free and give it a go!

  1.     Give them a live demo

People like to see products and tools in action. If you are talking about a product, showcasing a new tool or simply teaching your audience how to do something online, instead of sharing pre-recorded demonstrations, give them a live one. So, share your screen and allow your audience to enter your world.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to share your screen with ManyCam!

  1.     Practice, practice, practice

To make sure everything is on point, it’s a good idea to practice your presentation a few times. It’s even better if you find the time to record it, watch it and then make any necessary adjustments before going live. This can make a big difference to whether you have a successful webinar or not.

You can also show your recorded session to a small group and get their opinion.

  1.     Test before going live

Testing is obvious but still, many people don’t. Before your live session, double check everything, audio, video, presentation, sources etc. Do a trial run and see if it’s going well. Avoid using wireless internet, just to be safe and to have a successful webinar.


Extra tips:

–       Have a moderator or a host

Having a moderator or host to present with the speaker can really help the dynamic of the webinar. The moderator can manage the time, flow and audience questions, while the speaker focuses on the content. It can get a bit overwhelming for one person to do it all, especially if there’s a broader audience.

–       Interact with your audience

Interaction is essential to keep the audience engaged with you, so make sure you are constantly asking for their participation. Ask them questions or get them to send in their questions. Offer a special reward for the most engaged attendees.

The longer you take in preparing your webinar, the better results you’ll get. We would love to hear how you prepare your successful webinar, let us know in the comment section below. 

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