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5 Pictures to Inspire Your Work-From-Home Station

Nada Mesh
Nov 11, 2021
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Need some inspiration for designing an optimal work-from-home station? 

Your work-from-home station can have an impact on your work-life quality, especially considering many businesses are still operating remotely. Some have made the permanent switch to remote work, while others are introducing a hybrid structure whereby employees work 2-3 days a week on-site and the rest from home. 

One way or another, working from home has become a global norm. While the statistics on productivity levels differ, the overall consensus seems to be that employees are more productive while working from home. 

Being in your own controlled environment can definitely help you work better. So, it’s essential to create an environment for yourself that promotes your wellbeing, concentration, and productivity. 

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your home office, here are 5 images that are sure to inspire your work-from-home station design.


5 Work-from-home station styles to inspire you


Minimalist WFH Station


work from home station minimalist


Many people find that minimalism helps them find clarity, and in turn, stimulates their concentration.

You don’t need much to emulate the energy of the space in the picture. Though cool tones add to the overall aesthetic of minimalism and modernism, even decluttering your area can help. Having a sleek workspace can prove very efficient in helping you organize your thoughts and focus on your work.


Library atmosphere


work from home library


On the other end of the spectrum, people may feel uncomfortable in spaces that are too empty. Instead, they find comfort in spaces where they are surrounded by the things they love. Or, when their work-from-home station creates an appealing atmosphere. 

Having a study with a lot of books can help emulate the atmosphere of a library and stimulate productivity for some. 

Consider buying bookshelves and filling them up with books to add to your study. This can also come in handy on your breaks. For example, you can pick up a book instead of switching on the TV to keep your brain working while you take a breather from your tasks.


Open space 




Well-lit, open spaces are always a good idea, and sunshine can help energize you and keep you from dozing off while you work from home.

Other than creating an overall better environment, plants also have health benefits, aiding in your breathing, and in turn, your concentration. 

You can reproduce the space shown here by setting up your workstation in a room in your home that gets a lot of sunlight. Then, add a couple of plants here and there.


Work-from-home station for creativity


home office with creative chalkboard


Many individuals, especially those whose jobs involve more creativity, find that thoughts and ideas come to them throughout the day. And jotting ideas down on a piece of paper might often get lost. 

Investing in a chalkboard or whiteboard can help keep your ideas organized. In addition, you can make sense of these ideas as you externalize them into tangible images and words. It’s a great way to lead your brainstorming sessions from home. Plus, it looks great and adds some personality to your workspace! 


The most organized WFH station


home office organized


Last but not least, for all the hyper-organized individuals out there, this one is for you! 

Having a super-organized workspace, where everything has its place and label, can surely help you streamline your workflow. 

This is especially important if you have a lot of physical documents you need to keep on hand, and you need to be able to find them easily.

Invest in storage boxes and baskets, see how quickly you’re able to organize everything, and stay focused on the task at hand!


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s important to set up a work-from-home station that inspires creativity, focus, and productivity, so that you can be at your best throughout the day. 

Allow these pictures to motivate you to spice up your home office, and remember, you can take these ideas and make them your own. So, add your style and flair to any of these suggestions and create the perfect work-from-home station for you. 


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