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7 Strategies to Boost Brand Awareness Through Live Streaming

Nada Mesh
Oct 21, 2021
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These days, it’s essential to rethink your strategy and incorporate ways to reach and interact with your audience. Here is how you can boost brand awareness through live streaming.


One trend that has been steadily growing since before the onset of the pandemic, but especially as a result, is live streaming. Other than just an innovative means of connecting and interacting with an audience, businesses can leverage the power of live streaming to boost brand awareness like never before.  

If you’re unsure of how your business can incorporate this strategy, look no further. We share with you below 7 simple strategies to boost your brand’s awareness through live streaming.

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7 strategies that will boost brand awareness through live streaming


1. Company announcements and news in real-time 

Nowadays, there is such an overload of content and information online that it’s important to stay fresh in your customers’ minds. 

People now prefer to receive news in real-time. Therefore, pre-recording your company updates or announcements can seem inauthentic and lack connectivity with your audience. 

Going live is a great way to connect with your audience and keep them in the loop when announcing the news. In addition, it gives you the chance to engage with them in real-time and address questions or comments they may have on the spot.


2. Live Q&A

It’s crucial to make your customers feel heard and validate their opinions. This is as essential when building brand awareness as when maintaining the standards your brand has set for itself.

Through a live Q&A session, you can directly address any questions, complaints, or praises from your audience about your product or service in real-time. It can also save customer service some time from having to answer repetitive, frequently asked questions. 

Plus, providing your customers with that level of transparency is an excellent look for your brand.


3. Webinars 

Any good marketer knows that besides just company-related product releases and announcements, it’s essential to create valuable content your audience will actually enjoy. 

This involves creating entertaining and engaging content surrounding topics that relate to your industry – not necessarily related specifically to your brand. 

A strategy to consider is having live webinars around topics that your target audience is interested in. This will have them tapping into your live streams and is sure to boost engagement as they discuss something of interest to them.

In addition, they are more likely to share your content with their peers and on their timelines if it proves genuinely interesting to them.

You can also bring along informed guests about the topic and can provide more insight and a fresh opinion. Influencers are an example of this, and you can read about how you can incorporate them in more detail in the point below.


4. Influencer live streams & interviews 

As stated above, bringing an expert in the field, who can offer insight and advice, can prove very successful in boosting engagement around your live webinars. Plus, it helps you establish authority in your niche, which also boosts brand awareness.  

Using an influencer as a guest can also mean you get to leverage their audience. If your brand manages to leave a good impression, you can potentially convert them into customers. 


5. Behind the scenes sneak-peeks

Instead of just creating promotional content, you can leverage live streaming to take your audience behind the scenes. This will help you and your brand connect with them on a more personal level. Here are some ideas for this type of live stream:

  • Introduce the team
  • Give office tours 
  • Show how things are done

Videos related to the process of creation are a big hit. Showing how your products are created, especially things you haven’t yet released can be super entertaining. But, more importantly, it makes them feel involved in the process. 

It’s also a super-effective way of building excitement and hype around an announcement you’re about to make.

Introducing them to the team can help them put faces to the brand and make them feel like they are supporting individuals rather than just a company.


6. Product promotions and releases  

Probably the most well-known strategy to boost brand awareness through live streaming is to promote certain products and new releases. However, it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

Showing your audience a real-time look at your product, and giving them the platform to engage with you, can really help build trust around it and boost sales. In addition, it’s your chance to offer those who are watching it live something unique and exclusive. This will help them feel like their time was well spent watching your video. 


7. Product demos 

Live streaming product demonstrations can help your customers understand the product better while actually promoting it. 

As with the live Q&As, this will provide your customers with the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the product. It will save you a lot of time responding to inquiries sent in. 

They can also engage with other customers and discuss the product while sharing their personal opinions on it.


Boost Brand Awareness – Final Thoughts

There are endless ways to creatively incorporate live streaming into your brand’s online marketing efforts. Live interactions help bring your audience closer on a personal level, keep them entertained, and boost their engagement with your content. 

These strategies, when combined and applied consistently, can help you boost brand awareness like never before. 

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