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Frequent ManyCam Questions

Mar 26, 2009


Lately I have been getting some similar questions, so I thought I would post a few of the most frequently asked questions here, on the Blog.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I record a video with ManyCam?

Answer: ManyCam itself does not  have the ability to record a video.  You can use Youtube or any video recording service on the Internet with ManyCam.  Just go to the settings of the application you want to use and make ManyCam the video source. Then make sure the ManyCam application is running.


Question: How can I make ManyCam work with Stickam,,, Youtube, or any other Flash video website?

Answer: Right click or ctrl click the video window in Flash and you’ll see a settings window appear.  Click the webcam icon and choose ManyCam as your video source.  If you are using a Mac you may need to reboot first before you can do this.


Question: How can I uninstall ManyCam?

Answer: For Windows go to the add/remove programs control panel built into the Windows operating system and choose the ManyCam uninstaller. In Mac OS X find the ManyCam application icon at the top right of your Mac OS X menu bar and choose “uninstall”.


I hope this answers your questions.  For more details on how to use ManyCam with ceratin applications check out the applications page.


Thanks for using ManyCam!


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