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7 Best Royalty-Free Footage Libraries for Your Live Videos

Guest Writer
Jun 11, 2020
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Find out the best royalty-free footage libraries so that you can enhance your live videos and amp up your production value on a budget.

Sometimes, the use of stock footage can be a much more attractive alternative to shooting your own videos, especially if you are tight on budget, resources, or time. High-quality footage can add value to your live videos and help you deliver your message much more effectively. But, paying for licenses can oftentimes be an issue for small businesses or personal brands. Here are the best royalty-free footage libraries we could find to help you produce your live videos. 

Some stock footage applications

There are a lot of instances where stock images can be needed. For example, they can be used when you want to incorporate in your streaming footages of faraway locations and societies. 

Stock footages help set a scene, create a mood of your video, or to move its storyline along. It can also be used alongside your own footage to patch in any gaps or act as a supplement. 

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One caveat though, is that many stock footages happen to come with a fee and licensing restrictions. This can restrict their appeal as a viable option, especially to small-time individual streamers and vloggers. 

Fortunately, however, there are many websites on the internet where you can find and download footages for your personal and commercial use with little or no restrictions or costs. Here is our list of recommendations for the best royalty-free footage libraries for your live videos. 

Best royalty-free footage libraries for your live videos

1. Pixabay 

Pixabay is a highly popular website famous for its vast collection of free stock images and videos. All their content is licensed under CC0, which basically means that you are free to use their work any way you want as much as you want with zero restrictions.

Navigation on the website is easy, and despite the CC0 label, much of their provided content is of top-quality. HD and 4K videos are also featured. 

2. Pexels 

Like the above mentioned, Pexels is also another great website where you can find free footage and videos with no restrictions attached. Their navigation interface isn’t as refined as we’d like, but that’s the only major downside. 

3. Videvo

Videvo is a freemium stock video service that hosts a growing library of high-quality HD and UHD footage and motion graphics. Most of their provided content is entirely free to use, but in return, you may be asked to give credit to the original creators when using their clips. 

For the use of their royalty-free premium content, a paid subscription is required – a $15/month plan for 25 monthly premium downloads and a $24/month plan for 50 monthly premium downloads. 

4. CuteStockFootage 

While not boasting of exactly the sleekest of interfaces, Cutestockfootage is a nice resource for finding royalty-free footage for your use, including those curated from other websites. Not all of the clips listed there are licensed under CC0, so make sure to check the “License info” under each individual clip to find out how you are authorized to use it.

5. Vidsplay

Vidsplay is a great website for finding video content to add to your streams. While their library isn’t very extensive (for instance, our search for the keyword ‘dinosaur’ provided zero results), it can be useful for discovering exclusive clips not available on other websites. Any use of their content requires you to credit their website. 

6. Mazwai

If you want free, production-house tier cinematic footage for your streams, Mazwai is the place to look. All their content is licensed either under CC0 or CC3, in which case you will have to provide attribution to the author.

There is no compromise in terms of quality in the content they have featured. All their listed work comes directly from a selected team of professional artists and producers.

7. Nature Stock Videos

As the name implies, Nature Stock Videos provides you with a collection of videos. For a niche website, it offers a surprisingly extensive library of content. All their content seems high-quality and can be useful for your streams. Attribution to their website isn’t mandatory, but it’s encouraged. 

Concluding note on royalty-free footage libraries 

Stock footage isn’t a must for live streams, but they can certainly supplement your video production. These are some of the best royalty-free footage libraries for your live videos. For streamers, big or small, royalty-free footage is the way to go to enhance their videos to the next level without having to go heavy on their budget. 

Know of any great royalty-free footage resources that you would like us to add to the list? Tell us about them in the comments below. 

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