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Antivirus False Positives Reports for ManyCam

We’ve received a few comments from users saying that their antivirus program is falsely flagging ManyCam as malware or as an unwanted program. These false positive reports happen occasionally, where your antivirus thinks a program is harmful when it is actually safe.

One way to know if your antivirus is giving you a false positive report is to use VirusTotal. VirusTotal lets you scan a downloaded file with 45+ antivirus programs so you can compare the results. If most antivirus programs report a virus, then you know the program is malicious. If only a few antivirus programs report a problem, then it is likely a false positive.

Also, many antivirus companies are now classifying toolbars as PUA (Potentially Unwanted Software), PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), or simply as Toolbar. All toolbars are classified as such even if they are not actually malware. From time to time, we can bundle a toolbar in our product, which we know for a fact doesn’t contain any malware. If you do not wish to install the toolbar please make sure to un-check the boxes or click on “Decline” in the dedicated offer page in the installer.

It is also important to make sure you are not downloading any ManyCam cracks, as these versions can contain Trojans and malicious viruses that can harm your computer. Not only do ManyCam cracks contain viruses, but they don’t even work.

Make sure to keep your ManyCam software secure and download directly from our website.

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