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4 Creative Ways to Use Live Streaming

Guest Writer
May 28, 2020
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When you use live streaming creatively, you can get your audience’s attention, increase engagement, and generate powerful results.

In recent years, live streaming has seen a stellar rise in significance, becoming one of the most effective channels of engagement for both businesses and individuals. Nearly 80% of internet users prefer watching a live stream from a brand over reading their blog or seeing their social posts. Furthermore, people watch live streams an astonishing 10-20 times longer than on-demand videos.

Live streaming can allow you to expand your online reach without having to spend a fortune. However, with that said, one should be aware there are plenty of other marketers, streamers, and influencers competing with you for the attention of the same audience. To stand out, one has to think outside the box and find creative ways to use live streaming videos.

4 Creative ways to use live streaming – Summary

1. Live Stream Walkthroughs

2. Create a Live Stream Series

3. Enhance Your Product Pre-launch

4. Mobilize People for a Cause

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4 Creative ways to use live streaming 

Live Stream Walkthroughs

We are all aware of video walkthroughs of products or services and how popular they are with the general audience. However, doing live stream walkthroughs can make the content even more personal and engaging the audience.

Because through a live stream, you would be showcasing your review and demonstration in real-time, it would add to your credibility and authenticity. Furthermore, it provides an expanded avenue for you to interact with your viewers, engaging with them not just in the comments but answering their queries directly on your live stream.

Create a Live Stream Series

Many people create live streams as purely solo content, but they are greatly missing out on a big opportunity this way. Your viewership can increase exponentially if you create a live stream series, keeping the content theme and time of the event consistent.

There are many different forms of live streams series you can create. One of the most popular and easy to do is a weekly Q&A, which can be a great way to educate your audience about your brand and enhance your relationship with them.

You could also stream weekly talks where you interview experts and industry leaders within your niche. Not only will you be providing your viewers with a lot of value this way but also expanding your reach by tapping into the other person’s own audience base.

Another great live streaming format is journey content. Upload daily live streams of what is happening in your life, what is the day in your office like, updates on the project you are working on, etc. Journey content is an effective method to bring your audience closer to you and increase their engagement.

Enhance Your Product Pre-launch

If you are a business or start-up looking to launch a new product in the market, the initial success of it will largely be determined by what you did during the pre-launch. Live streaming can help generate buzz, get new stakeholders on board, and gain meaningful feedback.

Live streaming is the most engaging form of content, showcasing your product development as it happens can be a great PR move and help spread awareness. Potential customers can get a real-time peak of the product and will appreciate the transparency you provide.

Furthermore, when it comes to beta-testing, live streaming provides you with expanded real-time feedback on your product, allowing you to interact with testers around the world in real-time without leaving your office.

Openness and authenticity are two aspects highly vital for stakeholder engagement. Live streams are an effective way to communicate your credibility and address their concerns in real-time.

Mobilize People for a Cause

Mobilizing people towards a cause can be tricky, even for large non-profit organizations. However, with live streaming, you’ll remove two of the biggest hurdles that get in the way of people supporting a cause – lack of credibility and missed timing.

Live streaming people’s protest, authority injustice, destruction of the environment, or property can allow lots of people to watch the event as it happens. Because the video being shown is of a live event, it leaves little question about its credibility. When people become aware that their actions can create an immediate impact, they are more likely to join the cause.

Have any creative live streaming ideas of your own? Feel free to share it with us in the comment. 

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