Virtual background SDK for your
video calling apps

Our Virtual Background SDK integrates with your video solutions, from video conferencing and streaming apps to educational platforms and more. It can easily remove or blur your webcam background, so all of your end users can enjoy it in real time.

More than 100K end-users empowered by Virtual Background SDK

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Main features

Video background remover

The virtual background AI model automatically identifies and removes the background of your users’ video feed in real-time. Users can increase productivity, ensure their privacy and enhance overall video communications.

Blur background

The virtual background proprietary technology allows users to blur their actual background in the webcam video feed automatically, and they never have to worry about a messy background again during hybrid work.

Custom virtual background options

Set up your users with custom backgrounds to ensure consistent branding and help them be more productive during video calls, virtual training, webinars, and streams.

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Ready-to-go solution for your virtual background needs

Simple integration

The Virtual Background API is simple and thoroughly documented. We provide the code samples and assist in the overall integration.


The Virtual Background SDK is available on all major platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android. Web and WebRTC versions are now available.

Optimal Performance

The optimized ML model architecture balances speed and quality to deliver exceptional results.


Works with any application flow. Push any frame to the SDK and get the results. With the raw mask, you can do your own post-processing.

AI Technology

We have developed a custom optimized ML model for segmentation using self-collected and annotated datasets.

GPU Accelerated

Support DirectX, OpenGL, Metal. It also uses OpenVINO, WinME, CoreML with the ability to run on GPU.

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How does it work?

The virtual background AI model automatically identifies the background in real-time of the user’s camera and is able to replace, remove or blur that backdrop. Its performance is optimized for real-life scenarios, subpar quality cameras and average lighting.

What does the flow of integration look like?


Get started

Check out demo samples, documentation & pricing.


Integration & evaluation

Integrate SDK to the application and evaluate how it works in real conditions.


Bring feature to end-users

Sign the contract and deploy the new feature to your customers.

Technical Insights

System requirements

Windows 10/11 (x64)
macOS 10.15 and newer
iOS 14 and newer
Android 5.0 (API 21) and newer

Languages supported

Win: C++ based SDK
macOS: C++ based SDK
iOS: C++ based with Objective-C wrapper
Android: C++ based with Kotlin wrapp

Frame color spaces

Win: bgra & nv12
macOS: bgra & nv12
iOS: bgra & rgba
Android: rgb bitmap & yuv420

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