Main Tabs

Video Tab

There are six small windows on the right side of the main live window. In this tab you can create and save up to six presets!

By clicking on this small window you can choose the image for this preset like: some area of your desktop, IP cameras, media files or some blank images.

Creating your own presets

ManyCam allows you to create and save up to six presets which you can stream into different applications.

If you see a green icon that says “live” in the top left corner of the preset window, it means the preset is streamed in the live mode in the listed applications that use ManyCam as a source and it is the same video source that is shown now in the main live window.

To preview a preset without streaming, click its top right corner and choose “Edit”. You will have the same image in these two windows: the main live window and the preset one. You will see “EDIT” in the top left corner of the preset window. To start streaming you should push the Trans button in the main live video window.

You can start streaming the modified preset by clicking either the Cut (instant transition) or Trans (smooth transition) buttons. You can change the type and duration of the Trans effect (see Trans Tab).

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Effects Tab

This tab allows you to choose various video effects you want to apply. The effects folders are sorted by categories. You can apply different effects by clicking on them and remove chosen effects by clicking on the cross sign to the left of the effect's name in Selected list. Click the upper cross to delete all of the effects. There is also an eye icon which allows hiding the effect temporarily from the video feed.

The chosen effect appears in the current output picture and in the Selected list.

You can add your frequently used effects to the Favorites list for convenience.

You can add your own effects by clicking on to import a new effect from a file.

You can search the effects with the help of .

Selected — a list of currently selected effects.

Favorites — a list of chosen effects for easy access.


Filters — a set of filters to modify your picture.

Distortions — perspective distortions you can apply to your picture.

Backgrounds — you can place yourself in a background that differs from your real surroundings. When you select a background you would like to place yourself into, ManyCam will prompt you to take a snapshot of your current background without any moving objects in it. After clicking “Take Snapshot” you will be given 3 seconds to move out of the camera’s view before the snapshot is taken.

Borders — fun and cool frames around your photos or video output.

Overlays — full-size images to set cool wallpapers as your video output.

Objects — various funny pictures you can impose anywhere on your video.

Face Accessories — various effects that ManyCam can impose over your face using a built-in face detection function.

Emoticons — various funny pictures of smiles you can impose anywhere on your video.

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Here you have albums with your saved snapshots and recordings. By default, there are two albums which cannot be deleted. You can create your own albums clicking on the cross sign .

When you open the album you can click on the cross sign to import a new media file.

You can easily share your snapshots and recordings to social networks!

Open the snapshot or the video recording you want to share and click in the top right corner. Choose the social network you want to share with, leave a message if you want and click “Share”.

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