How to create your own ManyCam Object effect

ManyCam Objects resource files must be .bmp, .png, .gif or .jpg images. Most of the common graphics editing programs (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) can create images in these formats.

Resolution of an Object effect's background must be 640x480.

An example for a Flag Object:

Resource picture:

In a 640x480 resolution video window this picture looks as follows:

How to add your ManyCam Object Effect

Below is flower.jpg (size 100x100 px):

  • Open the Video > Effects tab of ManyCam Options window, then press the Add new effect button.
  • Next choose the new effect's type (Objects).
  • Then select a category where the new effect will appear.
  • Press the Browse button to select the Resource File. Select flower.jpg. The Resource File flower.jpg, will be displayed in the Add New Effect window.
  • Fill the "Name" and "Author" fields and press the OK button. You may leave the "Author" field blank.

The new effect will be added to the chosen category of the Objects type. The chosen category tab will be opened. Click on your new effect to use it, just like any other ManyCam effect.