ManyCam Desktop Capture feature

The ManyCam desktop capture features allow you to grab frames directly from your desktop. You can grab and screencast your entire monitor, a custom selected area, a particular application window and much more!


This option allows you to capture your entire desktop area and use it as a video source in ManyCam.

If you have more than one monitor, you will be able to capture each of them independently.

Area under cursor

This option allows you to capture a custom sized area around the cursor.

The red rectangle shows you which area is currently being captured.

You can adjust the size of the area using the Zoom feature.

App Window

Did you ever want to share a presentation, spreadsheet or text editor? Now you can by simply selecting the desired application window from the menu list or using the PRO Window Selector feature. Now, the selected app will be captured and used as a video source in ManyCam. Please note that other apps may also be captured when they appear at the foreground of the selected app.

Custom area

This advanced mode provides a convenient movable canvas so you can see the area that you are capturing. You can also drag and resize this area.

Draw on desktop

This feature allows you to draw directly on the desktop capture. Use this feature to focus your viewer’s attention on one particular detail of your screencast.

Please note that you most likely want to use this feature along with one of the other desktop capture modes (e.g. Custom area or Fullscreen) because this drawing tool doesn’t do the capture for you.


Some advanced settings are available in the ManyCam settings dialog.

Capture cursor:

  • Defines whether you cursor will be visible on the video feed.

Capture layered windows:

  • Uncheck this option to slightly improve performance. As a drawback, some menus may not be captured so do this at your own risk.

Animate mouse clicks:

  • By default, there is an animation around your cursor when you press left mouse button.
  • Uncheck this option if you want to disable it.


  • Set up hotkeys for Zoom-in and Zoom-out actions.

Show rect around cursor:

  • Shows red rectangle around your cursor while zooming or in "Area around cursor" mode.

Stick rect to mouse cursor:

  • When using Zoom or "Area around cursor" mode, you can choose whether to move the area immediately after the mouse was moved, or make it follow the cursor.
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