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ManyCam for Education
Webcam software that helps deliver engaging and creative lessons online
Create an amazing learning experience to help your students learn the most. While live streaming, switch between video sources and presets, use virtual backgrounds, add picture-in-picture, draw on the whiteboard, leverage digital props, and record your lessons with ManyCam.

Our Clients

Teach kids through creativity
Fun experience Visual aids Educational games
With ManyCam’s different effects, masks and objects, you’ll make learning a fun experience to kids of all ages. Prepare your classes ahead by adding your video sources and images. Create your own educational games and digital props to keep children focused and deliver efficient K-12 and ESL online education.
Livestream your lectures with the right tools
Capture lecture Record classes Playlist
For universities that offer dynamic and engaging on- and off-campus lectures, ManyCam allows professors to deliver exciting live streaming classes and record their lectures with any camera. Create playlist with pre-scheduled multimedia presentations and play at your pace. Switch between multiple camera angles for clearer demonstrations.
Online teaching made easy
Creative lessons Interaction with students Prepare lessons
Connect ManyCam with your online teaching platform to deliver creative lessons and corporate training that you can prepare beforehand. Add all your video sources, set different camera angles, use your mobile device as a document camera, share your screen, and use different effects to get better results. The interaction will help students, customers and trainees make the most out of their e-learning experience.
Enjoy the flexibility
Pre-record every class Work from home Productivity
We know that for online teachers and corporate training facilitators, time is of the essence. With that in mind, ManyCam allows you to pre-record classes in advance and record live classes, customize the modular interface and define hotkeys to increase your productivity. What’s more, while you work from home, the Virtual Background feature can take you anywhere. Online teachers also love the fact that, with digital objects and props, they don’t need to carry props around anymore.