Teach kids through creativity
Fun experience
Visual aids
Educational games
With ManyCam’s different effects, masks and objects, you’ll make learning a fun experience to kids of all ages. Prepare your classes ahead by adding your video sources and images. Create your own educational games and digital props to keep children focused and deliver efficient K-12 and ESL online education.
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Help adults develop new skills
Engaging classes
Focused students
Learning experience
Add graphic overlays, texts and drawings. Use other video sources to share files and to deliver engaging lessons online. Keep your webcam view on the screen with the split screen or picture-in-picture feature to drive your student’s focus. Create an amazing learning experience with ManyCam for your online students.
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Online teaching made easy
Creative lessons
Interaction with students
Prepare lessons
Connect ManyCam with your online teaching platform to deliver creative lessons that you can prepare beforehand. Add all your video sources, set different camera angles, share your screen and use different effects to interact with students and get better results. Interaction will help students make the most out of their e-learning experience, whether it’s ESL, K12 or any other online education area.
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Enjoy the flexibility
Pre-record every class
Work from home
We know that for online teachers, time is of the essence. With that in mind, ManyCam allows you to pre-record classes in advance and record live classes, customize the modular interface and define hot keys to increase your productivity. What’s more, while you work from home, the Chroma Key feature can take you anywhere. Online teachers also love the fact that, with digital objects and props, they don't need to carry props around anymore.
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Use it with your online teaching platform
Software Development Kit
Easy to implement
The ManyCam software can be customized for and integrated with any online teaching platform through its Software Development Kit (SDK). You will have your own ManyCam, adapted specifically for your platform and needs.
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Get creative with ManyCam
Picture in Picture
Choose any video source or image and place it on top of your main scene. Add up to 4 sources, resize and position them anywhere.
Chroma Key
Be anywhere without leaving your home. Replace your real background with images or videos.
Multiple Video Sources
Add up to 24 video sources and easily switch between them during your class. Use different camera angles, pre-recorded videos, images and much more.
Effects and Masks
Get creative and apply effects, masks, and objects on your scene. Create your own effects or choose from thousands from our gallery. Organize your effects and props in customized folders.
Text & Draw
Make sure your students keep up with the lesson. Write and draw on your screen to get their attention.
Screen Sharing
Choose what you want to share with your student. Share your entire screen, one specific app, a custom area or the area under your cursor.
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What the teachers say ...
I love that ManyCam keeps my students excited and engaged in the lesson material! They are always eager to come to class and participate in the lesson I've prepared.ManyCam has helped me maintain a 100% positive rating and a very high rate of parent ratings. Parents often comment: "Teacher Elly's computer is magic! My child loves to come to class!"
Elise Neville
I can create a lot of fun ESL games for my students. It has allowed me to keep my classes fresh by creating games, doing funny effects and showing videos to the students whilst still remaining in the picture. I can't imagine teaching without ManyCam now.
Jason McCarthy
I LOVE being able to switch to different angles as I teach my guitar lessons with ManyCam. My standard view is picture-in-picture with a camera on each hand.ManyCam allows me to teach guitar students from anywhere with a simple switching of cameras so my students can get a better view than they do in person!
AJ Hanson
I use ManyCam to expand my variety of visual props when teaching English to Chinese students. I also use it to keep students engaged with fun rewards and games.The feature I enjoy most about ManyCam is the ability to add my own effects via the website. If I have an upcoming lesson to teach that I feel can be enhanced by a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge or a Scarlet Macaw I can quickly create an image and upload it to ManyCam in only a minute or two.ManyCam has helped make my online teaching more interactive for students and eliminated my prep time completely.
Stephanie Casternopoulos