ManyCam works for your business
Picture in Picture
Broadcast up to 4 images or video sources on smaller windows on top of your main screen. Manipulate multiple camera sources in an individual stream.
Create playlists and live stream on websites or during conference calls. Set up pre-scheduled multimedia presentations and play at your pace. Switch between multiple camera angles for clearer demonstrations.
Multiple Video Sources
Quickly switch between up to 24 video, audio and image sources. Add different stream to the multi video source: another camera, still image, snapshot, pre-recorded video, webpage, or desktop.
Multiple Channel Broadcasting
Go live simultaneously on multiple platforms and leverage all your channels and followers to expand your reach.
IP Camera
Capture lectures or presentations with your IP camera. Protect your office and your home. Setup IP cameras to improve your surveillance system.
Screen Sharing
Screencast your desktop live to provide remote support or trainings. Record your computer screen to share later with customized text and drawings.
Integrate our API into your solution
API Integration
Software Development Customization
We can integrate ManyCam API into your own web conferencing software, live video hardware or any type of other software, so that you can create seamless experiences for you, your team, partners, and clients. Our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows us to tailor ManyCam to your needs. With custom work, ManyCam can be implemented into your solution, matching perfectly your UI and UX, and branded as if it was your own.
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Improve your video calls
Video Conferencing
Remote Job Interviews
Online Meetings
Connect ManyCam with your video calling software to enhance your video conferences, job interviews and meetings. Add up to 24 video sources on your video calls, such as your camera, your computer screen, slide presentations, graphs and videos to get your message across.
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Interact with your customers & your team
Chroma Key
Online Training & Webinars
Remote Onboarding
Create high quality webinars to interact and educate your audience. With chroma key and live video, you can deliver powerful online training, presentations and improve your onboarding process with new hires. Use our drawing tools and share your screen to help the participants learn new skills.
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Promote your business
Live Streams
Product & Service Demos
Videos Testimonials
Live broadcasts can help you reach a broad audience. Create professional-looking live streams with ease and deliver compelling product and service demos to achieve your goals. Go live on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms at the same time to increase brand awareness.
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