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5 Video Content Ideas for the Holiday Season

Nada Mesh
Dec 23, 2021
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With the holidays approaching, brands and content creators are thinking up ways to best engage their audience and wrap up the year. Here are 5 video content ideas for the holiday season!

Whether you’re an established company, one just starting out, or someone building a personal brand, it’s important to think about content during the holiday season. Besides the end-of-year client gifts or discounts, it’s a great time to thank your customers for their year-long support and engage with your community in a festive way. In this blog post, you can find 5 practical video content ideas for the holiday season.

Video content is a more genuine and personalized way of sending a message, rather than just an image. It helps brands establish a deeper connection with their audience. And if you’re looking for ideas on what your company’s holiday video content could entail – you’ve come to the right place!

Keep reading for 5 examples of what your holiday content could look like.

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5 video content ideas for the holiday season


1. Create a tutorial or a vlog with a holiday twist

A great way to incorporate the regular content you put out with something more fitting for the holiday season would be to create festive vlogs. If you’re a content creator, the vlog could center around gift shopping and holiday decorations.

Creating a festive tutorial is the way to go if you’re a company. Spice up your regular video tutorials by providing your customers with tips to create something, or use your products in ways that add a celebratory touch.

For inspiration, check out this tutorial Microsoft created on how to make holiday photo calendars.


2. Have your employees film themselves

Another bright idea to add a personal and warm touch to your end-of-year content is to feature your employees in a holiday-themed video. Having them film themselves with some festive attire or decorations in the background adds an even more personal element.

It can be as simple as the whole team wishing your customers happy holidays. Or, you can go with something more profound and emotion-stirring, like each person giving their top, personal achievements, or highlights of their year.

If you need a simple example to refer to – ManyCam created a holiday video with a few of our employees appearing to wish you happy holidays. Check it out here!


3. A “Highlights of The Year” / “Thank you!” review

Similar to the previous point, whether you’re a content creator or company, you can create a cheerful wrap-up of your year. For example, create a “highlights of the year” review, whereby you list the high points and thank your community for their support and for making it all possible.


4. Provide industry trends and projections for the upcoming year

Engage your audience in a conversation on “hot topics” in the industry. This is a great way to create a two-way dialogue on some industry projections for the year to come.

You can talk about trends that were booming in the year that’s ending, as well as ones that you foresee coming. Plus, you can ask your audience their opinions on those trends. It allows you to open the floor for genuine engagement and show them their opinions matter. Not to mention, you’re also increasing the chances of them sharing your posts with others who might be interested in joining in on the conversation.


5. A short film with a heartfelt message

Whether animation or a live-action campaign, creating a short film is a lovely way to wrap up the year.

The holiday season is all about spreading joy and love by giving and spending time with loved ones. Putting out a heartfelt and festive video in time for the holidays is a strategy many companies have utilized. Whether you incorporate your product (in a subtle way) or not, it’s still great exposure for your brand – everyone loves a tear-jerker!

If you need some inspiration, check out this list of particularly-festive holiday campaigns that will most likely influence your next holiday video content and for sure move you.


What are your video content ideas for the holiday season?

There are many ways to wrap up the year in a heartfelt and personal way. Take the time to find innovative ways to thank your community for their support through video content. So take some inspiration from this list, and go for it. Or, leave your suggestions in the comment section below!

Happy Holidays from the ManyCam team!

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