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4 Strategies To Get More Viewers On Live Streams

Mayra Gomes
Jun 13, 2018
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How to get more viewers on live streams? That’s what most, if not all, content creators, businesses, and influencers ask themselves. If you want to grow your audience, reach more people and get more viewers on live streams, this blog post is for you. In this blog post, we’ll give you 4 actionable strategies to get more viewers on your live streaming videos.

1. Consistency can increase your viewership

Being consistent is the most important strategy when it comes to getting more viewers on your live streams, for many reasons. Going live on a regular basis creates an expectation with your audience for your next live video. If you keep delivering exciting content, they will keep coming back. Since they know you’ll be live again, there’s a higher chance of them sharing your content on their social media. Organic distribution is the best way to get more viewers on live streams.

Another reason that makes this strategy so compelling is the way social media works nowadays. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube give live video special treatment. Meaning, social media platforms will show users live videos instead of other types of content. If you go live regularly, you will keep showing up on users newsfeed, and that increases your chance of getting more viewers.

The frequency your videos reach people is directly related to the number of viewers you get on your live streams. Consistency is vital to keep reaching potential viewers, and the quality of your content will convert them into regular viewers.

2. Schedule your live streams to get more viewers

To make sure you are consistent, you’ll need to plan your live videos. To decide how often your live videos will happen, consider the content you have, how it can be divided and repurposed. For example, one blog post can usually be split into more than one video. Do you have enough content to go live twice a week? Or once a week might suit you better?

Ideally, you should go live once a week. It’s easier to promote and for viewers to remember that you’re live every Tuesday at 7 PM, for example. But, the strategy here is to create a schedule based on the content you have, to ensure you’re not stretching yourself to thin.

Having a monthly schedule will make your life a lot easier. Keep your plan flexible though, in case something significant happens in your industry, and you want to cover it. Remember, live video needs to bring up-to-date information.

To add this tip to your strategies to get more viewers on live streams, you can schedule your live videos on the actual platforms you will be live.

 3. Promote your live streams to get more live viewers

There are many strategies when it comes to promotion, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Testing different strategies and measuring results is the most efficient way to find what your audience responds to.

Promote across platforms

To get more viewers on live streams, regardless of which platform you’ll go live from, you should promote across all your social media channels. Reach your followers and subscribers, and make sure they know when you’ll be live. You can also ask them to share the information with their followers in exchange for some extra content, like an exclusive e-book.

Get others to promote it for you

Access to exclusive content can also motive partners and followers to promote your live streams for you. Instead of just sharing on their social media, they might mention you on their content. You can also motivate them with contests and giveaways. Besides, you can offer other businesses to promote their content on your channel in exchange for them promoting yours.

Leverage your Online Real Estate

In other words, take advantage of your online property. Throughout your online presence, there are many places you can use to promote your live streaming videos without spending on ads.

For example, your Facebook cover and profile picture, your YouTube channel art, Twitter header and so many more. If you upload videos on YouTube, you can create an End Screen that promotes your weekly live stream.

Before your live stream, one of your strategies to get more viewers should involve creating some images of all the different sizes required and spread them around your social media platforms. Keep in mind these are just a few of the many places you can display your promotional images.

Email list

Along with the online real estate strategy, you should promote your live video to your email list. If you have a list of people who signed up to receive news from you, you can send them an email talking about your next live video.

Or you can promote it indirectly by using your online property, your email signature. Your signature is a great place to advertise your upcoming live video without being aggressive about it. It’s subtle, and if people are interested, they should be able to click on a link to learn more and to sign up.

For more strategies to get more viewers and on how to promote your live streams, check out this blog post

+ Write an enticing description to get more viewers on live streams

An essential part of any strategy to get more viewers on live streams is the description of the live video itself. The written description that the platform will display needs to be enticing enough so that people stop to watch your video.

A good tactic is to tell them about what they will get out of watching the video and be specific about it. What is in it for viewers if they stop what they are doing to watch your live stream?

4. Delivering Value

An extra tip that should be part of your strategies to get more viewers on live streams is to encourage interaction during your live video. While you deliver value to your audience, make sure they are engaged with you and encourage them to share your live stream. You can apply the same motivation strategy as above, offer exclusive content and giveaways to those who share your stream.

Key Takeaway

The best strategies to get more viewers on live streams are to focus on consistency, scheduling, promotion, and delivery. These strategies are flexible enough to fit any content, and when combined with rich content, they can boost your online exposure and help you grow your audience faster.

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