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8 Steps to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting

Guest Writer
Dec 10, 2020
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Running a successful virtual meeting is crucial for every company out there, and here are 8 steps to take!

Today, companies across the globe are embracing remote working styles. Managers and employees both have to reshape how they work and build a good relationship while working from home. It is a challenging situation to be in that can take some time getting used to. Collaborating with the team members remotely can be challenging. So, here are eight steps to run a successful virtual meeting.

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8 Steps to run a successful virtual meeting

Before the meeting

Step # 1

Before the meeting, test all the equipment. Check your internet connection, screen sharing software, video, and audio quality. Fifteen minutes before the meeting, run a test on your webcam and headphones.  When sending an invite to your team members, alert them about the importance of having their webcams open.

Virtual meetings with video are far more effective because it is easy to read the person’s body language. Moreover, it is more personal and great for building rapport. There will be fewer awkward silences, and everybody will be on the same page. It is always good to see each other, even if it’s virtually after working in isolation for so long.

Step # 2

Before setting an official meeting date, check with all your team members. Different time zones can affect their schedule. Inform your employees about the suggested time slots for the meeting and ask them which one works best for everyone

You can do so by using different schedule apps such as Calendly. After everyone has agreed about the time, send invites with an agenda. Conducting a meeting without a solid plan is a waste of everybody’s time.

During the virtual meeting

Step # 3

In a face-to-face meeting, asking one of the team members to do something doesn’t feel like a command. It is simply a task given to them by their manager. However, when a manager tries to do the same in a virtual meeting, it can come across as controlling. Suppose you are leading an online meeting delegating tasks by saying, “you do this, and you do that” doesn’t bode well. 

You must give up control and try to work with your employees together. For the entirety of the meeting, think of yourself as not their manager or leader, but their equal. It will draw out what is needed from the meeting and keep everyone working together.

Step # 4

Reserve a portion of the meeting to give everyone a chance to share their input about each discussion point.  If one person has decided to chime in, encourage everyone else to share their perspectives. This shows that the manager treats everyone with respect and acknowledges their point of view.

Step # 5

One of the biggest challenges of a virtual meeting is to prevent team members from dozing off.  Keeping people interested and engaged can be tough. However, there are a few ways you can get people to keep their eyes and minds open during the meeting. 

For instance, increasing interaction might help keep attendees focused. Also, consider the time of day for the meeting. As we all know, working from home is a whole other ball game. There is no routine or proper schedule. Mornings tend to work better since everyone is not yet tired after a long day. 

Another way to keep people engaged is to use lots of vibrant visuals. Human beings are visual creatures, so take advantage of that. Another option would be to make use of online games or trivia quizzes.

After the Meeting

Step # 6

After all the points are discussed, before signing off, recap the most important items. Discuss everyone’s responsibilities and make sure everybody understands what they are supposed to do. Clarifying everything at the end of the meeting means fewer chances of future discrepancies regarding the project.

Step # 7

If there is something you would like to discuss with one of the team members without having anyone else to overhear, wait for everyone to leave the virtual room. The last thing you want is for one of the employees to hear something you didn’t want to share. 

It could be something important with the CEO or something about one of the team member’s performance. As a general rule, wait for a couple of minutes and check who is still part of the meeting. Or schedule a separate meeting with the relevant team members. 

Step # 8

Share the notes you took during the meeting and encourage everyone else to do the same.  It is a great way to understand what everyone is doing and help the follow-up meeting. 

Final thoughts

A successful virtual meeting might look different from company to company, but what they have in common is effective communication. The key to these video conferences is to ensure everyone remains productive and engaged with their work. At the end of the day, running a successful virtual meeting guarantees your company continues functioning well despite the unprecedented circumstances and that everyone is on the same page.

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