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How to maximize your live streaming success?

Mayra Gomes
Jul 17, 2019
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Live streaming is a highly useful tool to grow your online presence, but there are specific actions you need to take to maximize your live streaming success and make the most out of your efforts.

Creating content is far from an exact science, especially when it comes to live interaction with your audience. Nonetheless, when you take action to improve your live streams constantly, the results will show. In this blog post, we’ve put together different actions you can take to maximize your live streaming success every time you go live.

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Maximize your live streaming success

Live video production and content creation in general, can be challenging. It requires some resources and takes time. Still, live streaming is one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver content regularly to your audience. If you maximize your live streaming success, producing your live videos will get easier over time, and you will see the return. 

Maximizing your success with live video simply means making the most out of your efforts to ensure you’re not leaving “money” on the table. Whether your goal with live streaming is to increase actual sales or improve your relationship with your audience to grow, you should be able to reap all the benefits of live interaction. 

Here are some of the actions you can take to maximize your live streaming success:

  • Answer all the comments
  • Keep in touch with attendees
  • Get feedback
  • Reach out to the absentees
  • Analyze your performance and results
  • Make a list of adjustments
  • Repurpose your live video

These are just some of the many tactics you can implement in your live video strategy after your live stream ends. We discuss each one in-depth down below.

Answer all the comments

During your live stream, it’s essential to encourage your viewers to interact. Push them to leave comments, ask questions, and reach out to you. Depending on how many attendees you have, you might not be able to reply to all their questions live, and that’s okay. But, they should still get a reply after the live stream; otherwise, they might feel discouraged to join your next live. 

Going back to the comment section after your live stream allows you to thank each person that joined and interact with them one-on-one. This is how you can improve your relationship with your followers and build trust. Which, later on, helps you increase sales or have brand ambassadors. 

The replies don’t have to be fancy, as long as they are thoughtful and they show that you took the time to interact with your audience. 

Keep in touch with your attendees

Replying to the comments on your live stream is only the beginning. If you really want to maximize your live streaming success, you should keep in touch with viewers way after your live stream ends. A great way to do that is by creating an email list.

Before your live stream, you should have a landing page to get users to sign up. There are many advantages to creating this registration step, such as:

  • Build your email list
  • Send them email reminders before to increase attendance
  • Follow-up after the live stream

Once your live stream has ended, you should email the attendees to keep the conversation going. For instance, on your email, you can provide more resources regarding a topic you discussed, invite them to another live stream, or thank them for joining your live.

Get feedback 

Also, via email or otherwise, you can ask your attendees to give you feedback on your live video. Their feedback can help you improve your performance and grow as a streamer. Keep in mind that their input should be taken with a grain of salt. Some viewers might be too critical, and that won’t be helpful. 

Apart from the feedback users send to you, there are also other, implicit forms of feedback that can help you measure your success. For example, users that purchase your products after your live stream show that you did something right. But it’s also positive feedback when viewers watch the entire stream, open your emails after the live or even start following you on social media, which might be a bit harder to track.

Reach out to the absentees

Another action to take when you want to maximize your live streaming results is to reach out to those who signed up but didn’t show up. This brings us back to the importance of having a registration landing page. When you are able to track who showed up or not, you can split your email list and send segmented emails to each group. Even though the absentees didn’t join your live stream, they signed up, which shows interest. 

After your live stream, you can send them an email inviting them to another live session, with a link to the recorded stream or any other resources that might be helpful to them. 

Analyze your performance and results

Analysis is crucial to your growth. If you want to improve as fast as possible and maximize your live streaming success, you should go over your live video once it ends to assess how it went. Watching yourself on camera might not be much fun for most people since we tend to get overly critical of ourselves, which is why you must make an extra effort to remain focused on what matters.

When analyzing your live stream, consider asking yourself questions concerning your goals, such as:

  • Did I deliver the message I intended to?
  • Did I use enough “call-to-actions” to drive viewers to my ultimate goal?
  • How was the opening and closing of the session?
  • Was there enough interaction with the audience?
  • Timewise, was it well-managed?
  • Did it lack any more resources or material?

Along with a self-evaluation, you can also ask friends for feedback and go over the analytics. Most live-streaming platforms provide you with detailed and valuable data of your video. The data can show you when your video peaked and when you lost viewers, which allows you to go back to the video and understand where you lost your viewers.

Make a list of adjustments

Once you’ve analyzed your live streaming video, you can now come up with ways to improve. Make a list of adjustments that can help you maximize your live streaming success during your next video. Then, before your next live stream, apply those adjustments, and see what happens. 

Optimizing your live videos requires you to do this process any time you go live. Analyze and adjust, always.

Repurpose your live video

Repurposing your live streaming videos means that one piece of content can be transformed and adapted into many. In other words, your live video can become a podcast, blog post, and even memes. Since we’ve made a blog post about how to repurpose your live videos before, we won’t go into detail here.

Key Takeaway

Are you ready to maximize your live streaming success? Simple actions like these can help you achieve more significant results and make the most out of your content creation strategy. If you want to make each live stream count, keep these tactics in mind. 

The ultimate goal of live streaming is interaction and building relationships, which is why the “after-party” of your live video is so important. The interaction needs to keep happening for you to build trust and improve your relationship with the audience. 

Which actions do YOU recommend others to maximize their live streaming success?

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