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ManyCam Lite – Compact & Easy-to-Use Live Video Software

Jan 27, 2022
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Ready to boost your video calls and live streams with more tools? ManyCam Lite is the virtual camera software and live streaming tool you need. 

Video calls, web conferences, and live streams are staples in modern communication. Whether it’s one-on-one video calls, internal virtual training, webinars, or onboarding sessions, the fact is that live video tools can help you get your message across. Not only that, effective communication powered by technology is the key to ensuring productivity and engagement. That’s where ManyCam Lite comes in.

Want to give ManyCam Lite a try? Download it for free here!

Note: It is currently available on Windows and coming soon on Mac. 


What is ManyCam Lite?


ManyCam Lite is a fast and compact virtual camera software and live streaming app. Its simplified user interface makes it super easy to use. And yet, it packs all the essential live video tools to enhance your video conferences and broadcasts, such as:

  • Virtual Camera: Connect to any video conferencing app with ease.
  • Multi-streaming: Live stream to Facebook, YouTube, and more simultaneously.
  • AI Virtual backgrounds: Blur, remove or replace your background with images, videos, or video sources.
  • Media switcher: Switch between video presets (scenes) with the click of a button or via hotkeys while live. 
  • Picture-in-picture layers: Add your logo, camera view, and multiple resources to your main scene.
  • Multiple video presets: Show videos, images, multi-camera angles, PowerPoint slides, PDFs, and more on live broadcasts and video calls. 

Note: This software is included in Studio, Premium, and Enterprise subscriptions. It’s currently available on Windows and coming soon on Mac. 


Features Overview


ManyCam Lite is compact yet powerful. Its features allow you to completely transform your video communication when it comes to video calls, remote meetings, conferences, and live streaming videos. 


Switch between camera and media

With Lite, you can easily add various resources to your scenes, such as webcams, pre-recorded videos, images, PDFs, Powerpoint presentations, YouTube videos, and more. Plus, you can use your mobile device as a webcam to deliver unique live video experiences.

Add multiple layers

Creating a visual layout for your webinars, presentations, or video calls will help you effectively deliver your message. With ManyCam Lite, you can set the scene with multiple layers, each with its own video source, settings, and customizable properties.

Blur or replace background

ManyCam Lite allows you to replace, blur or remove your background with the flip of a switch with Virtual Backgrounds. It brings high-quality backgrounds with you to your favorite video conferencing apps and streaming platforms. ManyCam uses AI to identify your background without needing a green screen.


Who is ManyCam Lite for?


ManyCam Lite is the virtual camera software and live streaming solution to any professional looking to improve their video calls, web conferences, and broadcasts.

Many people have to connect to different video conferencing solutions throughout their day. It can be time-consuming to always set things up in each individual app, especially if they want to use extra resources, docs, and virtual backgrounds. With this software, they can set everything up once and hop from one app to the next simply by connecting ManyCam Lite as their virtual camera. 

More importantly, with a live video solution like ManyCam Lite, users can easily switch from their camera view to other video inputs as scenes to deliver dynamic business presentations, webinars, virtual training sessions, and more. 

ManyCam Lite is included in Studio, Premium, and Enterprise subscriptions. 


What’s coming next?


This is only the beginning for ManyCam Lite. It’s been a game-changer for many users and companies in how they view video conferences and live streams. 

We know how important effective communication is, and that’s why the next feature coming up for this software will be Titles. This feature, also known as Lower Thirds, will allow users to customize animated on-screen text boxes while live, displaying their names, job titles, or any other relevant information they want to share.

We hope you enjoy this update, as many of our clients have!

Ready to give it a try? Download it for free here!


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